ISPOR (International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research) Annual International Meeting Baltimore USA

Posted on 30 May 2018

ISPOR is the leading global professional society in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research

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Founded in 1995 as an international multidisciplinary professional membership society, the ISPOR advances the policy, science, and practice of pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research (the scientific discipline that evaluates the effect of health care interventions on patient well-being including clinical, economic, and patient-centered outcomes). ISPOR is committed to strengthening the integrity, advancement, understanding, and use of health economics and outcomes research among researchers, health technology developers and assessors, regulators, health economists, health care policy makers, payers, providers, patients, populations, and society. 

ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), is recognised as the global leader in the field for its scientific programs and conferences. Each year they host the world’s leading HEOR conferences that focus on the most influential topics driving the science used to generate reliable evidence to inform healthcare decisions.

ISPOR conferences are the leading, global, scientific and educational conferences in the field of HEOR. Each year they are attended by thousands of leaders and experts representing all facets of healthcare – policy makers, regulators, researchers, academicians, payers, decision makers, patients, and patient groups. 

This year at the 23rd Annual International Meeting held in Baltimore, USA, 19th - 23rd May. Claire Rothery was the recipient of the ISPOR Distinguished Service Award for excellent leadership of the Task Force on Emerging Good Practices for Value of Information analysis and the paper 'Using cost-effectiveness analysis to address health equity concerns' authored by Richard Cookson, Andrew Mirelman, Susan Griffin, Miqdad Asaria, Bryony Dawkins, Ole Norheim, Stéphane Verguet and Anthony Culyer won the 2018 ISPOR ‘Value in Health Paper of the Year Award’. Andrew Mirelman accepted the award on behalf of the authors. 

Mark Sculpher and Andrew Briggs conducted the short course ‘Advanced decision modelling for health economic evaluations’. Mark also participated in the Issues Panel ‘What research should be undertaken to support decisions regarding the value of curing or eradicating disease. 

Mike Drummond spoke at an ISPOR new professional event entitled Career Advice across the Globe. Mike gave a presentation entitled ‘Effectively communicating & presenting your research’. 

Susan Griffin presented a conceptual paper entitled ‘An analytical framework for economic evaluation of interventions with effects on multiple outcomes, costs falling on different budgets, and involving more than one decision maker’ co-authored with Simon Walker, Mark Sculpher and Miqdad Asaria.