Do hospitals respond to rivals’ quality and efficiency? a spatial econometrics approach

Posted on 9 March 2017

CHE's latest Research Paper 144 written by Francesco Longo, Luigi Siciliani, Hugh Gravelle and Rita Santos

Cover 144

We investigate whether hospitals in the English National Health Service increase their quality (mortality, emergency readmissions, patient reported outcome, and patient satisfaction) or efficiency (bed occupancy rate, cancelled operations, and cost indicators) in response to an increase in quality or efficiency of neighbouring hospitals. We estimate spatial cross-sectional and panel data models, including spatial cross-sectional instrumental variables. Hospitals generally do not respond to neighbours’quality and efficiency. This suggests the absence of spillovers across hospitals in quality and efficiency dimensions and has policy implications, for example, in relation to allowing hospital mergers.

Full Report: CHE Research Paper 144 (PDF  , 1,782kb)

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