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  • CHE Research Paper 106 (PDF , 1,980kb) Patient choice and the effects of hospital market structure on mortality for AMI, hip fracture and stroke patients - Hugh GravelleGiuseppe MoscelliRita Santos and Luigi Siciliani‌‌‌‌
  • CHE Research Paper 105 (PDF , 1,930kb)‌‌‌ The impact of hospital financing on the quality of inpatient care in England - Stephen Martin, Andrew Street, Lu Han and John Hutton
  • CHE Research Paper 104 (PDF , 1,821kb)‌‌‌ Understanding the differences in in-hospital mortality between Scotland and England - Maria Jose Aragon and Martin Chalkley
  • CHE Research Paper 103 (PDF , 1,811kb) The costs of specialised care - ‌Chris Bojke, Katja Grašič and Andrew Street. Accompanying spreadsheet CHERP103 descriptive statisitcs (MS Excel , 1,556kb)
  • CHE Research Paper 102 (PDF , 2,233kb) ‌‌‌Testing the bed-blocking hypothesis: does higher supply of nursing and care homes reduce delayed hospital discharges? - James Gaughan, Hugh Gravelle and Luigi Siciliani
  • CHE Research Paper 101 (PDF , 1,619kb) Addressing missing data in patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs): Implications for comparing provider performance - Manuel Gomes, Nils Gutacker, Chris Bojke and Andrew Street
  • CHE Research Paper 100 (PDF , 460kb) The impact of diabetes on employment in Mexico - Till Seuring, Yevgeniy Goryakin and Marc Suhrcke
  • CHE Research Paper 99 (PDF , 694kb) WHO decides what is fair? International HIV treatment guidelines, social value judgements and equitable provision of lifesaving antiretroviral therapy - Paul Revill, Miqdad Asaria, Andrew Phillips, Diana M Gibb and Charles F Gilks.
  • CHE Research Paper 98 (PDF , 592kb) Using cost-effectiveness thresholds to determine value for money in low-and middle-income country healthcare systems: Are current international norms fit for purpose? - Paul Revill, Simon Walker, Jason Madan, Andrea Ciaranello, Takondwa Mwase, Diana M Gibb, Karl Claxton and Mark J Sculpher.
  • CHE Research Paper 97 (PDF , 1,259kb) Financial mechanisms for integrating funds for health and social care: an evidence review - Anne Mason, Maria Goddard and Helen Weatherly. Anne Mason made a presentation of the research at the 14th International Conference on Integrated Care, Brussels 2nd-4th April 2014. Presentation (PDF , 550kb)
  • CHE Research Paper 96 (PDF , 2,352kb) The importance of multimorbidity in explaining utilisation and costs across health and social care settings: evidence from South Somerset’s Symphony Project - Panos Kasteridis, Andrew Street, Matthew Dolman, Lesley Gallier, Kevin Hudson, Jeremy Martin and Ian Wyer. Health Service Journal 10 April 2014 and data video.
  • CHE Research Paper 95 (PDF , 967kb)‌ Network meta-analysis of (individual patient) time to event data alongside (aggregate) count data - Pedro Saramago, Ling-Hsiang Chuang and Marta Soares.
  • CHE Research Paper 94 (PDF , 971kb) Productivity of the English National Health Service from 2004/5: updated to 2011/12 - Chris Bojke, Adriana Castelli, Katja Grašič and Andrew Street. Accompanying spreadsheet covering NHS productivity from 1998/9 to 2011/12 National Productivity (94) (MS Excel , 1,704kb) 






  • CHE Research Paper 73 (PDF , 358kb)  Modelling individual patient hospital expenditure for general practice budgets - Hugh GravelleMark Dusheiko, Steve Martin, Pete Smith, Nigel Rice and Jennifer Dixon
  • CHE Research Paper 72 (PDF , 227kb)‌‎‌   Keep it simple? predicting primary health care costs with measures of morbidity and multimorbidity - Samuel L Brilleman, Hugh Gravelle, Sandra Hollinghurst, Sarah Purdy, Chris Salisbury and Frank Windmeijer
  • CHE Research Paper 71 (PDF , 325kb)‌‎   Estimating the costs of specialised care: Updated analysis using data for 2009/10 - Silvio Daidone and Andrew Street
  • CHE Research Paper 70 (PDF , 419kb) NICE’s social value judgements about equity in health and health care - Koonal K Shah, Richard CooksonAnthony J. Culyer and Peter Littlejohns
  • CHE Research Paper 69 (PDF , 1,860kb)    Uncertainty, evidence and irrecoverable costs: informing approval, pricing and research decisions for health technologies - Karl ClaxtonStephen Palmer, Louise Longworth, Laura BojkeSusan GriffinClaire McKennaMarta SoaresEldon Spackman and Jihee Youn Press Release 69 (PDF , 16kb)‌‎‌‎‎
  • CHE Research Paper 68 (PDF , 381kb)‌‎‌‎‎ Truly inefficient or providing better quality of care? analysing the relationship between risk-adjusted hospital costs and patients’ health outcomes - Nils Gutacker, Chris Bojke, Silvio Daidone, Nancy Devlin, David Parkin and Andrew Street 
  • CHE Research Paper 67 (PDF , 378kb)  Measuring change in health care equity using small area administrative data - evidence from the English NHS 2001-8 - Richard Cookson, Mauro Laudicella and Paolo Li Donni Press Release 66 & 67 (PDF , 52kb)‌‎‌‎
  • CHE Research Paper 66 (PDF , 459kb)‌‎‌‎   Does hospital competition harm equity? Evidence from the English National Health Service - Richard Cookson, Mauro Laudicella and Paolo Li Donni. Erratum (PDF , 182kb)
  • CHE Research Paper 65 (PDF , 315kb)‌‎‌‎   Does better disease management in primary care reduce hospital costs? - Mark Dusheiko, Hugh Gravelle, Stephen Martin, Nigel Rice and Peter C Smith
  • CHE Research Paper 64 (PDF , 232kb)‌‎‌‎  Do hospitals respond to greater autonomy? evidence from the English NHS - Rossella Verzulli, Rowena Jacobs and Maria Goddard
  • CHE Research Paper 63 (PDF , 1,149kb)‌‎‌‎‎   Avoidable mortality: what it means and how it is measured - Adriana Castelli and Olena Nizalova‌‎‌‎
  • CHE Research Paper 62 (PDF , 213kb)‌‎‌‎‎‎ An equity checklist: A framework for health technology assessments - Anthony Culyer and Yvonne Bombard
  • CHE Research Paper 61 (PDF , 342kb)‌‎‌‎  Estimating the costs of specialised care - Silvio Daidone and Andrew Street
  • CHE Research Paper 60 (PDF , 571kb)‎‌‎   Value-based pricing for pharmaceuticals: Its role, specification and prospects in a newly devolved NHS - Karl Claxton, Mark Sculpher andStuart Carroll



  • ‌‌‎‌‎CHE Research Paper 53 (PDF , 314kb)  Budget allocation and the revealed social rate of time preference for health - Mike Paulden and Karl Claxton
  • CHE Research Paper 52 (PDF , 786kb)‎‌‎  An economic framework for analysing the social determinants of health and health inequalities - David Epstein, Dolores Jimenez Rubio, Peter C Smith and Marc Suhrcke
  • CHE Research Paper 51 (PDF , 546kb)‎‌‎  MRC-NICE scoping project: Identifying the national institute for health and clinical excellence’s methodological research priorities and an initial set of priorities - Louise Longworth, Laura Bojke, Jonathan Tosh and Mark Sculpher
  • CHE Research Paper 50 (PDF , 566kb)‎‌‎  Payment by results in mental health: A review of the international literature and an economic assessment of the approach in the English NHS - Anne Mason and Maria Goddard
  • CHE Research Paper 49 (PDF , 615kb)‎‌‎  What explains variation in the costs of treating patients in English obstetrics specialties? - Mauro Laudicella, Kim Rosen Olsen and Andrew Street
  • CHE Research Paper 48 (PDF , 1,769kb)‎‌‎  Investigating patient outcome measures in mental health - Rowena Jacobs
  • CHE Research Paper 47 (PDF , 559kb)‎‌‎  NHS input and productivity growth 2003/4 - 2007/8 - Andrew Street and Padraic Ward
  • CHE Research Paper 46 (PDF , 1,618kb)‎‌‎  Exploring the impact of public services on quality of life indicators - Adriana Castelli, Rowena Jacobs, Maria Goddard and Peter C Smith







  • CHE Research Paper 7 (PDF , 1,417kb) The main methodological issues in costing health care services - a literature review - Zsolt Mogyorosy and Peter Smith
  • CHE Research Paper 6 (PDF , 1,306kb)  Developing new approaches to measuring NHS outputs and productivity - Diane Dawson, Hugh Gravelle, Mary O'Mahony, Andrew Street, Martin Weale, Adriana Castelli, Rowena Jacobs, Paul Kind, Pete Loveridge, Stephen Martin, Philip Stevens and Lucy Stokes Press Release 6 (PDF , 25kb)
  • CHE Research Paper 5 (PDF , 251kb) The value of implementation and the value of information: combined and uneven development -Elisabeth Fenwick, Karl Claxton and Mark Sculpher
  • CHE Research Paper 4 (PDF , 1,149kb) A pilot study of value of information analysis to support research recommendations for NICE - Karl Claxton, Simon Eggington, Laura Ginnelly, Susan Griffin, Christopher McCabe, Zoe Philips, Paul Tappenden and Alan Wailoo
  • CHE Research Paper 3 (PDF , 108kb) Do the incentive payments in the new NHS contract for primary care reflect likely population health gains? - Robert Fleetcroft and Richard Cookson
  • CHE Research Paper 2 (PDF , 521kb) Description of the benefit catalogue, England - Anne Mason and Peter Smith
  • CHE Research Paper 1 (PDF , 342kb) ‌The effects on waiting times of expanding provider choice: evidence from a policy experiment - Diane Dawson, Hugh Gravelle, Rowena Jacobs, Stephen Martin and Peter Smith 

Research papers

These are CHE in house publications, ordered by year of publication. Our research papers (RP) are a means of making current research material widely available. All these can be downloaded free of charge. Only the latest electronic copy of our reports should be cited.

Results and ideas reported in RPs do not necessarily represent the final position. Work reported in some RPs should be seen as work in progress and may not have been subject to peer review at the time of publication.

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