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  • CHE Research Paper 106 (PDF  , 1,980kb) Patient choice and the effects of hospital market structure on mortality for AMI, hip fracture and stroke patients - Hugh GravelleGiuseppe MoscelliRita Santos and Luigi Siciliani
  • CHE Research Paper 105 (PDF  , 1,930kb)‌ The impact of hospital financing on the quality of inpatient care in England - Stephen Martin, Andrew Street, Lu Han and John Hutton
  • CHE Research Paper 104 (PDF  , 1,821kb)‌ Understanding the differences in in-hospital mortality between Scotland and England - Maria Jose Aragon and Martin Chalkley
  • CHE Research Paper 103 (PDF  , 1,811kb) The costs of specialised care - Chris Bojke, Katja Grašič and Andrew Street. Accompanying spreadsheet CHERP103 descriptive statisitcs (MS Excel  , 1,556kb)
  • CHE Research Paper 102 (PDF  , 2,233kb) ‌Testing the bed-blocking hypothesis: does higher supply of nursing and care homes reduce delayed hospital discharges? - James Gaughan, Hugh Gravelle and Luigi Siciliani
  • CHE Research Paper 101 (PDF  , 1,619kb) ‌Addressing missing data in patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs): Implications for comparing provider performance - Manuel Gomes, Nils Gutacker, Chris Bojke and Andrew Street
  • CHE Research Paper 100 (PDF  , 460kb) The impact of diabetes on employment in Mexico - Till Seuring, Yevgeniy Goryakin and Marc Suhrcke
  • CHE Research Paper 99 (PDF  , 694kb) WHO decides what is fair? International HIV treatment guidelines, social value judgements and equitable provision of lifesaving antiretroviral therapy - Paul Revill, Miqdad Asaria, Andrew Phillips, Diana M Gibb and Charles F Gilks.
  • CHE Research Paper 98 (PDF  , 592kb) Using cost-effectiveness thresholds to determine value for money in low-and middle-income country healthcare systems: Are current international norms fit for purpose? - Paul Revill, Simon Walker, Jason Madan, Andrea Ciaranello, Takondwa Mwase, Diana M Gibb, Karl Claxton and Mark J Sculpher.
  • CHE Research Paper 97 (PDF  , 1,259kb) Financial mechanisms for integrating funds for health and social care: an evidence review - Anne Mason, Maria Goddard and Helen Weatherly. Anne Mason made a presentation of the research at the 14th International Conference on Integrated Care, Brussels 2nd-4th April 2014. Presentation (PDF  , 550kb)
  • CHE Research Paper 96 (PDF  , 2,352kb) The importance of multimorbidity in explaining utilisation and costs across health and social care settings: evidence from South Somerset’s Symphony Project - Panos Kasteridis, Andrew Street, Matthew Dolman, Lesley Gallier, Kevin Hudson, Jeremy Martin and Ian Wyer. Health Service Journal 10 April 2014 and data video.
  • CHE Research Paper 95 (PDF  , 967kb) Network meta-analysis of (individual patient) time to event data alongside (aggregate) count data - Pedro Saramago, Ling-Hsiang Chuang and Marta Soares.
  • CHE Research Paper 94 (PDF  , 969kb) Productivity of the English National Health Service from 2004/5: updated to 2011/12 - Chris Bojke, Adriana Castelli, Katja Grašič and Andrew Street. Accompanying spreadsheet covering NHS productivity from 1998/9 to 2011/12 National Productivity (94) (MS Excel  , 1,704kb) 




  • CHE Research Paper 73 (PDF  , 358kb)  Modelling individual patient hospital expenditure for general practice budgets - Hugh GravelleMark Dusheiko, Steve Martin, Pete Smith, Nigel Rice and Jennifer Dixon
  • CHE Research Paper 72 (PDF  , 227kb)‌‎‌   Keep it simple? predicting primary health care costs with measures of morbidity and multimorbidity - Samuel L Brilleman, Hugh Gravelle, Sandra Hollinghurst, Sarah Purdy, Chris Salisbury and Frank Windmeijer
  • CHE Research Paper 71 (PDF  , 325kb)‌‎   Estimating the costs of specialised care: Updated analysis using data for 2009/10 - Silvio Daidone and Andrew Street
  • ‌ NICE’s social value judgements about equity in health and health care - Koonal K Shah, Richard CooksonAnthony J. Culyer and Peter Littlejohns
  • CHE Research Paper 69 (PDF  , 1,860kb)    Uncertainty, evidence and irrecoverable costs: informing approval, pricing and research decisions for health technologies - Karl ClaxtonStephen Palmer, Louise Longworth, Laura BojkeSusan GriffinClaire McKennaMarta SoaresEldon Spackman and Jihee Youn Press Release 69 (PDF  , 16kb)‌‎‌‎‎
  • CHE Research Paper 68 (PDF  , 381kb)‌‎‌‎‎ Truly inefficient or providing better quality of care? analysing the relationship between risk-adjusted hospital costs and patients’ health outcomes - Nils Gutacker, Chris Bojke, Silvio Daidone, Nancy Devlin, David Parkin and Andrew Street 
  • CHE Research Paper 67 (PDF  , 378kb)  Measuring change in health care equity using small area administrative data - evidence from the English NHS 2001-8 - Richard Cookson, Mauro Laudicella and Paolo Li Donni Press Release 66 & 67 (PDF  , 52kb)‌‎‌‎
  • CHE Research Paper 66 (PDF  , 459kb)‌‎‌‎   Does hospital competition harm equity? Evidence from the English National Health Service - Richard Cookson, Mauro Laudicella and Paolo Li Donni. Erratum (PDF  , 182kb)
  • CHE Research Paper 65 (PDF  , 315kb)‌‎‌‎   Does better disease management in primary care reduce hospital costs? - Mark Dusheiko, Hugh Gravelle, Stephen Martin, Nigel Rice and Peter C Smith
  • CHE Research Paper 64 (PDF  , 232kb)‌‎‌‎  Do hospitals respond to greater autonomy? evidence from the English NHS - Rossella Verzulli, Rowena Jacobs and Maria Goddard
  • CHE Research Paper 63 (PDF  , 1,149kb)‌‎‌‎‎   Avoidable mortality: what it means and how it is measured - Adriana Castelli and Olena Nizalova‌‎‌‎
  • ‌‎‌‎‎‎   An equity checklist: A framework for health technology assessments - Anthony Culyer and Yvonne Bombard
  • CHE Research Paper 61 (PDF  , 342kb)‌‎‌‎  Estimating the costs of specialised care - Silvio Daidone and Andrew Street
  • CHE Research Paper 60 (PDF  , 571kb)‌‎‌‎   Value-based pricing for pharmaceuticals: Its role, specification and prospects in a newly devolved NHS - Karl Claxton, Mark Sculpher andStuart Carroll

Research papers

These are CHE in house publications, ordered by year of publication. Our research papers are a means of making current research material widely available. All these can be downloaded free of charge.

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