Laptop Video Connectors

Below is a list of photos and names of different types of laptop video connectors. If your laptop has a connector other than VGA then you may need to purchase an adapter dongle. This guide should help you identify the connector and the dongle required.

15-pin D-sub / VGA connector

15-pin D-sub / VGA Connector

This connector is available in all teaching rooms.

Mini-VGA connector

Mini-VGA Connector


DVI Connector

This connector is available in some teaching rooms, particularly on Campus East.

Mini-DVI connector

Mini-DVI Connector

Micro-DVI connector

Micro-DVI Connector

Display Port connector

Display Port Connector

Mini-Display Port connector

Mini-Display Port Connector


HDMI Connector

This connector is available in many teaching rooms and is also useful for connecting to a TV set at home.


Mini-HDMI Connector

(Shown with normal HDMI)


Thunderbolt Connector