Terms and conditions

View as PDF: Campus Kitchen Terms and Conditions (PDF , 373kb)

Please note: there is a minimum order requirement of £200 per day at King's Manor.

All bookings are made subject to these terms and conditions being accepted in full.

1. Standard operating hours

Our standard operating hours during term-time are Mondays to Fridays (excluding bank holidays) 7.30am to 7.30pm. During vacations / conference periods these hours may be subject to change - please contact the Campus Kitchen bookings coordinator for further information. Our office opening times for enquiries and bookings are 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

It may be possible to cater outside these times - please contact the Campus Kitchen  helpdesk. (Email campus-kitchen@york.ac.uk or phone extension 2030) However, we reserve the right to charge an 'out of hours' supplement. This will be advised at the time of booking.

For all bookings required outside our standard operating hours please contact the Campus Kitchen helpdesk in the first instance before placing the order.

2. Charges (including minimum quantities and cancellations)

A. There will be a charge if any equipment is removed from the premises, stolen, lost or damaged. This includes flasks, platters, reusable cups, crockery and serving equipment.

B. During standard operating hours - where catering is being provided by the college / unit itself there are no minimum charges.

Mondays to Fridays (excluding bank holidays) - where the order is being supplied via the Campus Kitchen delivered catering service a ‘small order’ charge will be added where the value of the order is less than the following:

  • 7.30am to 11.15am and 2.15pm to 7.30pm - £8.00
  • 11.15am to 2.15pm - £20.50 (this is the equivalent of a sandwich and wrap platter for 5)

If the value of your food order falls below £8.00 / £20.25 (dependent upon the time of delivery) the small order charge will be the difference between the value of your order and the ‘minimum’ value outlined above. For example, if your order is for delivery at 10am and the value is £5.75 we will add on £2.25 to bring the total cost to £8.00.

C. Weekends and bank holidays - additional charges apply for Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday deliveries if your delivery is the only booking for the day. Please contact the help-desk for a quote.

D. Where an event is cancelled or numbers are reduced less than 2 working days before the event a cancellation charge will be applied. The final charge will be dependent upon the catering booked and the costs already incurred towards providing the service. For formal dinners and wine list items the cancellation charge will be based on a 10 working day period of notice.

3. Pricing

A. All prices (except alcohol) are quoted exclusive of vat. If your event is being charged to a university workorder, vat on food will not be added. However, if the event is to be subject to invoicing to an outside party or body then vat will be added.

B. Some external events may be eligible for exemption from vat. Please contact the help-desk to request an exemption form. The form must be completed and returned to the help-desk at least 3 working days before the date of delivery.

C. Liquor prices are quoted inclusive of vat which must be charged to all bookings.

D. Prices shown on this site are subject to alteration.

4. Booking time-limits

For events during standard operating hours:

  • Ideally we require three working-days notice for most bookings.
  • For wine orders a minimum of 5 working-days notice is required.

We will always endeavour to provide shorter notice bookings but cannot guarantee menu items and/or delivery times are available.

5. Service standards

All prices quoted (except for formal dinners) are for self-help. If you require staff to assist with service please contact the Campus Kitchen helpdesk for a quote (email campus-kitchen@york.ac.uk or phone extension 2030).

6. Rooms

A. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to check if the room being used is one in which catering is allowed. Normally catering is not permitted in any teaching / seminar room, lecture theatre or computer room. Clarification on this is available from the room bookings office.

B. The person making the booking is also responsible for ensuring there are adequate tables on which the delivery can be set-out. Please contact the help desk for guidance as to what is required (email campus-kitchen@york.ac.uk or phone extension 2030)

C. The person making the booking is responsible for contacting the rapid response team (ext. 3230, 4201) if the room requires a special set up for the catering.

7. Delivery and timing information

A. The time indicated on your booking is the time we will start our delivery. Therefore we advise hot beverages to be booked 15 minutes before they are actually required and working lunches, buffets etc. 30 minutes before required. Whilst we strive to meet the order times there may be occasions where circumstances cause us to run late. For this reason provided we have started the delivery no more than 15 minutes after the order time then this achieves compliance with our service level agreement.

B. The Campus Kitchen cannot accept any responsibility for any shortages or errors if the booking is not received at the time of delivery by a person authorised by the organiser.

8. Collection times

Unless otherwise informed by the organiser we will normally collect any dirty and unused items as follows:

  • Hot and cold beverages: 2 hours to 2 hours and 15 minutes after the requested delivery time.
  • Food items (e.g. sandwiches, buffets etc.) 2 hours to 2 hours and 15 minutes after the requested delivery time.
  • Organisers are responsible for ensuring the helpdesk is informed if these collection times need to be brought forward or made later. Care needs to be taken to ensure the Campus Kitchen team can access the delivery point / room and that it is not in use for another event.
  • We collect from the point where the delivery was left. If items have been moved elsewhere it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure they are returned to the delivery point in time for the collection to be made.
  • If the meeting / event is ongoing at the time of collection we will do our best to collect in a discreet manner.
  • If there is to be no disturbance (e.g. interviews) then the organiser must make arrangements for the items to be left outside the room. If we are unable to collect in accordance with our terms and conditions we reserve the right to levy an additional charge to cover all the costs involved in making further attempts at collection.
  • If equipment (flasks, cups, baskets and platters) are missing from the room at the time of collection, the organiser will be charged accordingly. Please let the Campus Kitchen helpdesk (ext. 2030) if any of the equipment has been moved elsewhere.

9. Numbers

We require an indication of numbers seven days, and final numbers three days, before the event. For bookings made after that time your final numbers should be supplied with the booking. We will endeavour to accommodate any increases in numbers after the receipt of final numbers but cannot guarantee this will be possible. If your numbers fall below the final numbers we reserve the right to charge for the full amount.

10. Formal dinner menus

You should select one menu for all your guests (other than for dietary requirements).

11. Alcohol

A. To ensure compliance with the university's liquor licensing objectives under which the licence has been granted by City of York Council the self-supply of alcohol in licensed areas is strictly prohibited. Where alcohol is given as a prize in, say, a raffle, that prize can be presented in a licensed area but may not be consumed in that, or any other, licensed area. 

b.BWines and vintages quoted are subject to suppliers' availability. Where a specific wine / vintage is not available we will substitute it with a wine of equivalent quality. House wine can be supplied on a sale-or-return basis provided no more than 50% of the order is returned. All other wines are supplied on the basis that the amount ordered will be the amount charged.

12. Other suppliers

A. Due to licensing restrictions, only the campus kitchen can provide catering to the following locations:

Campus South 

  • Roger Kirk Centre – Galleria, Costa and Lounge Bar
  • Licensed Space around RKC and Nucleus/Meeting Rooms
  • Exhibition Centre
  • Wentworth The Edge And Wentworth Nucleus
  • Existing Cookies Site in Biology

Campus West

  • Vanbrugh Catering Site, Bar and associated areas
  • Greg’s Place at Vanbrugh
  • Vanbrugh Nucleus Meeting Rooms
  • Derwent Costa and Dining Hall
  • Derwent Nucleus Meeting Rooms including those beginning D/L
  • Market Square Area
  • Heslington Hall – All Areas including Croquet Lawn
  • Central Hall and Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall
  • York Sport Centre and associated External Areas
  • The Link and the outside patio/terrace

Campus North

  • Central Library
  • Alcuin Bistro
  • National Science Learning Centre
  • Helix House

Campus East

  • The Ron Cooke Hub Building and External Areas including The Pods
  • Law and Management Building
  • York Sports Village and associated External Areas
  • Piazza Building

B. Please note we are unable to deliver to events where another supplier has provided some form of catering / refreshment element at any time during the time frame of that event.