A distinctive feature of the study of finance at York is that it is both interdisciplinary in nature and focuses on delivering public good.

Our work covers a wide range of finance related disciplines, including actuarial science, accounting, econometrics and operations research. With over thirty academics working in this field, our research expertise is split across three areas: the School for Business and Society, the Department of Economics and Related Studies, and the Department of Mathematics. This means we can work on important societal and business problems by drawing on a wide range of scholarly traditions.

Working with industry

We work alongside industry bodies - including the Chartered Bankers Institute, the Building Societies Association, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants - and for-profit organisations - including the global reinsurer SCOR, sustainable energy company Hydro, and investment companies including WM Capital Management.

Impact and engagement

We engage regularly and actively in research impact activity alongside a range of non-academic organisations. Much of this work is focused on financial policy and regulation, where our faculty have in recent years advised:

  • the Board of Governors of the (U.S.) Federal Reserve System
  • the Council of Economic Advisors at the White House
  • the Federal Reserve Banks of Cleveland and Chicago
  • the Central Banks of Finland, Canada and Poland
  • HM Treasury
  • the Dutch Finance Ministry
  • the Financial Conduct Authority
  • the Competition & Markets Authority
  • the Office for National Statistics
  • the European Commission

York academics led three impact cases studies that were submitted to REF 2021 (the current round for assessing the research quality in UK higher education institutions).

Federalreserve, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Published work

York academics regularly contribute work to a wide range of finance-related publications, particularly where the work has relevance for policy, practice and governance.  Recent examples from current staff include:

  • the Journal of Finance (a York colleague was awarded a Distinguished Paper prize in 2020)
  • the Journal of Financial Economics
  • the Journal of Corporate Finance
  • Nature Climate Change
  • the Review of Economics and Statistics
  • the Financial Analysts Journal
  • the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

First-class facilities and resources

Our recently fully renovated Church Lane building houses a bespoke Finance Lab.

There is strong collaboration across the University and a sharing of significant investments in financial databases:

  • Reuters Refinitiv Workspace, including Datastream
  • Centre for Research in Security Prices (CRiSP)
  • Compustat (North America)
  • China Stock Market & Accounting Research Database (CSMAR)
  • 2iQ Global Insider Transaction Data
  • Bank Focus

Postgraduate research courses

Postgraduate students can benefit from a week-long professionally-led trading course sponsored by the University. There is strong expertise in PhD supervision across the three departments.