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Concepts of landscape


Module leader: (Kevin Walsh)


This module introduces a range of important themes and issues in landscape archaeology. We will consider the development of landscape archaeology and the theoretical frameworks that underpin our subject. We then go on to address the key approaches and methodologies in landscape archaeology; looking at the development of mapping, through to the uses of geographical information systems. The role of environmental reconstruction is another important topic dealt with during this first term. Historic Landscape Characterisation is also introduced; the links between landscape archaeology and heritage management will be considered in this session. Many of these issues will also be discussed during a day long fieldtrip. Ultimately, this module provides an overview of this dynamic and multi-disciplinary area of modern archaeology.


  • To provide a thorough grounding in past and present approaches to landscape archaeology
  • To demonstrate the issues relevant to the interpretation of the cultural landscape
  • To encourage the critical review of published work on a wide variety of landscapes

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module students should:

  • Have achieved a critical understanding of interpretative and theoretical approaches to prehistoric/historic landscapes from a regional and global perspective
  • Gained an understanding of the evaluation and the conservation of multi-period landscapes.
  • Understand key themes through the exploration of varied landscapes

Medieval ridge and furrow