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BioArCh Palaeogenomics Laboratory


BioArCh, Environment Building
Wentworth Way, York
YO10 5NG, UK

BioArCh is home to a purpose-built palaeogenomic laboratory to recover ancient DNA from archaeological and historic specimens. We follow rigorous methodologies to prevent contamination and characterize ultrashort DNA from diverse types of samples, including Pleistocene dog coprolites, early domesticated sunflower seeds, and range of human skeletal remains. 

Facilities, Equipment and Instrumentation

Palaeogenomics Laboratory

  • Positive pressure filtered ventilation system
  • UV-irradiation system
  • Dremel rotary tools
  • Retsch mixer mill MM 200
  • Two Esco Airstream laminar flow cabinets
  • Erlab Captair ductless fume hood 
  • Invitrogen Qubit Fluorometer
  • DNA crosslinker

Modern DNA Facility

  • Agilent 4150 TapeStation
  • Applied Biosystems Veriti thermal cycler