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Contact us to discuss using our facilities on a collaborative basis. All access is costed using standard TRAC methodology, this means each instrument has a price per hour to cover all costs of use. Training and/or sample preparation would incur additional costs.

If you wish to develop a project bid with one or more of our academic members of staff please note that we need at least three months notice of any bid submission. We require full details of the bid team and funder requirements to guide our professional services in supporting the process. Any participation by York researchers requires approval before including our costs in any proposal.

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Visiting Researchers

We welcome inquiries from researchers and these are discussed and approved depending on capacity available in labs and offices. Please note that costs for visits are decided on a case by case basis depending on duration and activities. If you are wishing to visit from outside the UK for a period of time our compliance team will need to assess visa requirements, even if the University of York is not the employer and this applies to any activity deemed as work. Please contact us at least 6 months ahead of any planned visit if a visa may be required.

We are inviting applications for researchers from the Global South to participate in scientific research in the Department of Archaeology for a two week visiting fellowship.

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