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Alumni Groups

York Alumni Association support a variety of alumni-led groups in the UK and around the world.

The groups are there for you to make social connections with York alumni in your area. Most groups run events and have online communities. Contact your nearest group to find out more.


Jaideep Chakrabarti

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Edinburgh Group

Facebook group


London Group

Facebook group


North-West Group

Facebook group

Boston Group


Canada alumni representative

John Newman


Chile alumni representative

Anthony Dawes

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Colombia alumni representative

Angela Anzola De Toro

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Los Angeles Group


New York Group


San Francisco Bay Group


San Diego alumni representative

Laura Lover


Washington DC Group


Beijing Group

LinkedIn group


Hong Kong Group

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New Delhi alumni representative

Kush Sethi

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Shanghai Group

LinkedIn group

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Singapore alumni representative

Jerel Lee

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South Korea alumni representative

Aaron W Jung


Taiwan alumni representative

An-ni Wu


Tokyo Group

LinkedIn group

Auckland alumni representative

Tom Chignell

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Sydney Group

Athens Group


Brussels alumni representative

Jonathan Murray

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Germany Group

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Paris Group


Spain Group


Switzerland Group

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Get involved

We are always looking for volunteers to help organise or speak at our groups.


No group near you?

Would you like to be an alumni representative? Get involved in setting up an alumni group in your area.

Find out more

If you are interested in being more involved with the York Global Alumni Association, please contact Kyla Holt, ( Head of Volunteering and Alumni Programmes