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Young boy with a helmet and shield. Credit: Ian Martindale

Enabling Objective 3: To work effectively with other organisations and stakeholders

The University Strategy


Universities cannot succeed in isolation. Many of our activities are best carried out in partnership with others. Our vision for engagement is one in which we work with other organisations and external stakeholders in the most effective and productive way.

Collaboration with business and industry and with public, cultural and charitable organisations is important, to give our research more impact and relevance, to create more opportunities for our students, to increase our income, and to contribute to regional and national economic development.

We want to have a meaningful lifelong relationship with all our alumni and friends, so that we can benefit from their goodwill and support.

The University’s relations with the City of York and the wider region are very important. We aim to be responsible neighbours and partners, and are committed to contributing to the educational, social, cultural and economic development of York and Yorkshire.

How will we achieve this?

  1. We will establish effective institutional partnerships

  • We will ensure that all partnerships add value by being purposeful, proportionate, productive and durable.  They must contribute to the institutional mission.
  • We will increase our investment of effort and resources in the most effective and productive partnerships, and disinvest or withdraw from partnerships that are not productive.
  • We will explore opportunities for the creation of productive new partnerships or for joining existing organisations or groups.

  1. We will enhance our engagement with business and industry and with public, cultural and charitable bodies

  • We will put in place new arrangements to facilitate effective engagement and increased partnership working with business, public, cultural and charitable bodies and relevant economic agencies.
  • We will focus our energies on key opportunities and sectors where there is the prospect of significantly increasing the University's capability for knowledge exchange and translational research.
  • We will explore how we can make better use of the facilities on the campus and at York Science Park to support engagement with industry, and we will continue to develop and improve these facilities.
  • We will focus resources to support our engagement in areas where we have exceptional strength and capacity.  Our industrial and public engagement strategy will be aligned with our research strategy.
  • We will work closely with the City of York Council and the relevant Local Enterprise Partnerships to ensure that we understand how we can offer mutual support and to explore new opportunities for engagement and industrial collaboration.
  • We will make better use of expertise in departments to grow executive education programmes.

  1. We will continue to improve engagement with our alumni and friends

  • We will communicate regularly with our alumni and friends to keep them informed about our strategic objectives, the development of the University, and opportunities for engagement.  
  • We will invest in lifelong services for our alumni and friends that have the potential to enhance their sense of belonging to the University and that support and encourage their ongoing engagement with current students and staff.
  • We will enhance our capacity for development and fundraising, to increase philanthropic giving to the University.