Disability History Month 2020

News | Posted on Thursday 5 November 2020

Disability History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the lives and achievements of disabled people.

Disability History Month 2020 runs from 18 November until 20 December. The theme for this year is Access: How far have we come? How far have we to go?

"York's Disability History Month talks and events are a source of inspiration. Bringing the narratives around the empowerment of disabled people to the fore has never been more important." Mo Onyett & Penny Spikins, co-chairs of INCLUDE.


12 November - The Tactile Universe: Accessible astrophysics with the vision impaired community - Dr Nic Bonne, University of Portsmouth

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24 November - Access for Whom by Dr Ossie Stuart

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1 December - Countdown to success: Marathon runner Charlotte Ellis in conversation

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8 December -  State violence and incarceration in the UK: intersections of race, disability and mental health

City-wide events

There'll be a range of events across York through November and December, including art exhibitions, workshops and forums. Find out more on the Disability History Week website.

Library resources

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