The York Management School Research Fortnight

Posted on 23 May 2012

The York Management School holds a research fortnight celebrating new research from staff and PhD students

To celebrate research within the department, The York Management School has recently (1st of April – 11th of April, 2012) held a fortnight event showcasing current research from both staff and PhD students.

The first week began with a lively poster competition from the PhD Students. Each student submitted a poster aimed at communicating their research at the wider public, and were then asked to give a 10 minute lunch time presentation on it. The posters were then judged on four criteria: the aesthetic attributes of the poster; the accessibility of the poster to a wider audience; the presentation of the conceptual content and/or empirical data; and the originality of the design. The first prize went to Heather Rowley and the joint second place prize went to Dian Ekowati and Artur Naporowski. In addition honourable mentions were given to David Angrave, Yi Qu, Mike Perkins, Fon Ninkhate and Albert Danso. Well done to all the students and the prize winners in particular for excellent submissions.

The second week of the research included sabbatical presentations from Andrew Pendleton, Josephine Maltby, Simon de Turberville and Keith Anderson on their research activities over the last six months. In addition, a publication day included a presentation from Emerald Publishing, a panel discussion with editors from international management journals and a key note talk by Professor Hugh Willmott from Cardiff Business School titled ‘Moulding the One-Dimensional Academic: The Performative Effects of Journal Ranking Lists’.