College Alumni

Keeping the Langwith legacy alive is a huge part of our ethos at Langwith, and we want to make sure that you still feel like part of the College.

Here's some easy ways for you to reconnect with Langwith

1. Come to our events

From cocktails in London, to cruises on the Ouse in York.  We are developing an active programme of events to allow you to reconnect, network, and maintain your connection to the College.  See our events tab on the left for detail on upcoming and past events.


Join the York Alumni Association

The York Alumni Association is the official alumni group for the University of York. They fundraise and contact alumni through various networks, and are working with Langwith this year to target ex-Langwiths about projects they can help be part of.

You can find loads more about the Association, and how you can get reconnected with your time here at York, no matter how long ago, here. Register here!

2. Join the Langwith LinkedIn

We've also recently set up a Langwith LinkedIn designed to reconnect old ties.

3. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

We post reguarly on the 'Langwith at 50' Facebook page with updates as to what we're doing, alumni events we're holding and how you can get involved. If not here, give us a like on the general College Facebook page. Our 'official' home on Facebook, this is where we post about what is happening in the College right now, for current students (and ex-students for that matter) can #getinvolved in.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter. The College posts from @Langwith, whilst you can keep up to date with the Langwith College Student Association (JCRC) at @LangwithCSA

Oh, and don't forget to add the Langaroo as a friend on Facebook as well!

4. Become a College Fellow or Alumni Mentor

If you're interested in contributing further to College, you can become a College Fellow.  College Fellows are able to attend College Council, and are invited to many of our annual events.  We welcome any support that alumni are prepared to give, whether that be giving us advise, mentoring students, giving talks, helping to create links with business or charities, or helping to promote our events.