You're at the start of a journey; we'll help you get to your destination. Discover and develop your strengths, and get recognition for your extracurricular activities through our unique employability programme.

York Strengths

The York Strengths programme can help you make the most of your time at university. It will help you explore and develop your most positive employability characteristics so that you become more confident, understanding what you can offer to employers.

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York Leaders

The York Leaders programme gives you the chance to develop leadership skills alongside employers and alumni. It's based on a model which looks at leadership as a personal journey, rather than a hierarchical climb. Leaders try to improve the groups or communities they are part of.

Students network with other talented and like-minded students while they receive training from experts in their field. You'll gain recognition that you are a 'leader' who wants to work with others to make a difference.

Find out more about yourself

This programme offers activities, awards, advice and action plans to help you understand your strengths. When we feel able to articulate the positive characteristics we have to offer, we are in a stronger position to respond to change, take opportunities and make better decisions for the future.

Identify careers that suit you

When you do what you love you have more energy, feel more engaged, learn quicker and perform better. Understanding your strengths helps you to make more positive career choices, matching your strengths to a role where you feel more fulfilled and inspired. This allows you to shine and make a positive difference.

Create a personal action plan

Take part in interactive opportunities, both in person and online, and enjoy fun and insightful activities throughout your time at York. These will help you understand yourself better, reveal your working preferences, assess your progress and identify areas for development.

You will also have access to expert advice through one-to-one feedback. You can then create a personal action plan to kick-start your career planning and encourage you to make the most of the wide range of opportunities at York.

Build your confidence

York Award

The York Award is a formal award from the University. It recognises and rewards your personal and professional development, and your contribution to college life, societies, volunteering, employer events, work placements and internships.

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