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Results not what you expected? - A guide to clearing

If you don't meet the requirements for your firm or your insurance conditional offer, don’t worry. Clearing is an ideal way for you to find an alternative option. It's also a way for people who haven't yet applied to University to gain a late place.

Clearing is available from July to September each year. If you already have your exam results but you don't have any offers, you can use clearing when it opens on 5 July 2019. If you had conditional offers but your exam results didn't go to plan, you can use clearing from results day on the 15 August 2019.

Results better than expected? - A guide to adjustment

If you met and exceeded the grades needed for your conditional offer, you may wish to stick with your original choice and your conditional offer will become unconditional. However, adjustment allows you to see if there are alternative options for which you now meet the entry requirements.

Adjustment opens on 15 August 2019. If you’re eligible, you can register through UCAS Track and then begin contacting universities that you’re interested in to talk about possible vacancies on their courses. You have five days after receiving your offer to apply for an adjustment course, so there’s no need to rush.