Top tools for successful study

Materials to help you manage your study effectively and fulfil your potential.

  • Grammarly - Checks spelling, grammar and punctuation and offers content specific suggestions
  • Google Docs voice typing - Allows you to speak into a microphone/headset and the words to be documented in text form
  • Read&Write - Have text read out to you, save text as audio, colour mask your screen or highlight and collate key information
  • Speak screen - Reads text from iOS devices
  • Speak - Have text read aloud in Microsoft Office programmes
  • Colour filters for Apple devices - Make text easier and softer to read by applying a coloured filter to the iOS device screens
  • Google Keep - Photograph text then convert it into searchable editable text, also converts voice recordings into text
  • Office Lens - Transforms images taken of documents and whiteboards into PDF, Word and Powerpoint files
  • Microsoft OneNote - allows you to create notebooks of notes, adding pages, formatting and using various Microsoft Office functionality 
  • MindGenius - capture and visualise ideas and information using a range of
    'mind map' layouts 
  • Paperpile
  • Zotero
  • Endnote

Find out more about each in the Library's Reference management: a practical guide.

  • StudyBlue - Create, share and access study materials such as flashcards, notes and study guides
  • Quizlet - Create flashcards or choose from sets created by other students