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Jing Wood

Waste and Safety Technician

Photograph of Jing Wood in a laboratory. Jing is a Waste and Safety Technician in Chemistry.

Jing, Waste and Safety Technician in the Department of Chemistry, shares her work experiences.

I joined the Department of Chemistry in 2015, after the Blackwell Bookshop in the York campus closed its doors just before Christmas 2014. At that time, I just wanted a job that suited me, but four years down the line, I feel this was meant to be.

Each working day:

  • I advise graduates and staff when they bring their laboratory waste to the Chemical Waste Store
  • Collect waste from the Teaching Labs during term time
  • Reply to email and phone queries related to hazardous waste disposal from all University departments
  • Look after safety equipment in the department, for example breathing apparatus and gas monitors, and update safety information on shared drives, the departmental web site and printed material.
  • I am responsible of day-to-day running of York Science Outreach Centre (YSOC), providing technical support to any outreach activities that take place there.

Previously I did office-based work mainly in the Alumni Office at the University of York, after temping between other administrative offices. During this time, I worked with a number of databases, developed a taste for visual communication, and kept up with fast developments in information technology. Following on from this, I spent 18 months at the Blackwell Bookshop on. Working with book lovers was a treat, meeting people with interesting and varied lives was inspirational.

In my current job I use all the skills I have learned in my previous jobs, studies and volunteering experiences. I have a good balance between desk tasks and out-and-about physical activities on each working day. I also appreciate opportunities to interact with different stakeholders including students and staff from all departments within the University, visitors and service contractors. I feel life becomes richer as a result.

In my working life so far, two memories stand out above all others. I went to Westminster in London to attend an event in 2009, which was an awesome experience. I am not a politically oriented person; however, meeting people working there and seeing the long history left in that place, I felt I could join them to make a difference at the time. Another is a recent training day at a Fire Rescue Service training centre. The memory and feeling of crawling on both knees toward a burning fire in full fire fighter gears have imprinted on me. I am inspired to be firmer and more diligent in doing my job in the future as a result.

Career and education timeline

  • Book selling at Blackwell Bookshop 2013-2015
  • Administration at the University of York 2000-2012
  • Home manager 1998-1999
  • PhD in Chemistry 1997
  • Researcher and research visitor 1985-1992
  • BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1985