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Career progression

If you are planning to develop your career as a technician, at the University or elsewhere, Human Resources offer advice and guidance to all technicians on how to take the next step in planning and controlling your career. HR also offer a wide range of training courses, both online and classroom-based:

If you have very specific training requirements, you may need to use a training provider outside the University. Your line manager will be able to advise you how to go about requesting this. They, or your colleagues, may also be able to recommend someone who offers the training you need.

The National Technician Development Centre offers other options for career development including mentoring schemes. Find out more:


TechYork facilitates training/CPD events throughout the year for courses relevant to technicians to supplement those available via the University's Learning Management System.
The University of York is also a member of HEaTED: the leading organisation for Higher Education and Technician Educational Development, delivering skills, training and networking for all specialisms and disciplines of the technical workforce. As a HEaTED member, UoY technicians receive up to 50% discount on their training courses.
Please approach your line manager for funding opportunities if you find a relevant course, and/or contact TechYork if it is a course that might have wider appeal that could be facilitated by us to a wider group of technicians.

A new role?

We have been working with the NTDC to develop these grade descriptors to help you plan your progression.


Explore the opportunities to have your skills recognised through awards.

Register for an ORCID iD to maximise recognition of your contributions to research, scholarship and innovation, giving you a unique identifier to connect your contributions:


The Hidden-Ref is an opportunity to recognise those not included in the REF, but have a major impact on scientific output - from glass washers, laboratory technicians to computer programmers and people running technical services or core facilities, and everything in-between. The deadline for nominations is 14 May 2021, there are various categories.