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Professional registration

Professional Registration is awarded by professional bodies such as the Institute of Science & Technology or the Science Council and recognises your knowledge, competence and commitment to high standards of professionalism. It differs from an academic qualification as it captures your career development and on the job learning alongside any formal qualifications, highlighting that you have the skills sought after by employers.

Logos of professional registration


Professional registration gives you:

  • The chance to benchmark your skills against a global standard
  • Recognition of your experience and better career prospects
  • Transferability of your skills to other roles or organisations
  • Improved job satisfaction and ongoing development

Opportunities after you become professionally registered

Once registered, the Science Council and TechYork encourage you to volunteer with the Science Council. There are several roles available, for example, you could become a:

Top tip - get a registration buddy to support you through the process!

Graeme McAllister (Chemistry) and James Fox (Biology) are our UoY Professional Registration Champions and are both assessors for the Science Council. We have seen lots of applications and can offer you support and guidance through your registration journey, don't hesitate to contact us.

Applying for registration

Find out how you can apply on the Institute of Science & Technology or Science Council websites

In addition to the Institute of Science & Technology and the Science Council, there are many other professional bodies which can award professional registration, some of which focus on specific disciplines, industry sectors, or type of employee. You can decide which is most appropriate for you:

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