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Technician stories

Find out more about your fellow technicians and how their careers have progressed.

We'd love you to share your story too, and we've put together some ideas to help make writing it easy! Find out more:


  • Maria Gehrels - October 2021

    Maria is a Physical Geography Research Technician. She shares her story of being inspired by a technician as a research student and how it motivated her to follow the same career path.
  • Adam Stroughair - July 2019

    As a Research Services Technician in the Department of Physics, Adam has seen his role develop to include new responsibilities including project management. He's also a member of the TechYork committee.

  • Olga Rowe - June 2019

    Olga is a Senior Teaching Laboratory Assistant in the Department of Physics. She shares her story of leaving a teaching job in Russia and adapting to life working as a technician in the UK.
  • Jing Wood - May 2019

    Jing is a Waste and Safety Technician in the Department of Chemistry, and shares the work experiences that led her to a job that "was meant to be".

  • Graeme McAllister - April 2019

    Graeme works in the Department of Chemistry as an Experimental Officer, and reflects on the development of his role over almost twenty years, the process of professional registration, and the benefits of involvement with TechYork.
  • Becca Neale - March 2019

    Becca is Apprentice Mechanical Workshop Technician working in the Biology Research Workshop. Her story was also featured in National Apprenticeship Week, and looks at what is involved in her role, and how apprenticeships are succeeding at addressing skills gaps and passing on knowledge.

  • James Fox - My registration story

    James, Laboratory Manager in Biology, shares his experience of applying for professional registration.

  • Abigail Mortimer - June 2018Abigail, Scientific Glassblowing Technician in the Department of Chemistry, explains how she became involved in Technicians Make It Happen and the the Technician Commitment project, and shares the timeline of her career since she joined the University.

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