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Academic integrity

Through the assessment process, it is important to be mindful of academic integrity issues and to support students towards effective academic practice. The Academic Misconduct Policy includes brief guidance for training students (AM7) and staff (AM8). All students must complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial which is situated in the Blackboard VLE and is designed to ensure students have a basic understanding of academic integrity and what constitutes academic misconduct, and also introduces students to attribution and referencing.

The tutorial, however, only provides a baseline for students; departments should embed academic integrity and skills into their programmes. Furthermore, in setting assessments, departments should consider carefully the format of assessment (for example could a similar essay or solution easily be found online), try to link specific module content to assessments, and be clear what behaviours they would consider acceptable or unacceptable, particularly where this may not be obvious to the students (for example explaining if the use of certain software is not permitted for an assessment or clarifying how students can work together without colluding).  

For further information, please see the academic integrity web pages.