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Formative assessment

Students will be learning continuously, and all activities could technically be categorised as formative in that they will inform students about their learning. In some modules, formative assessment may be included to support learning, prior to completion of the summative assessment.   

These formative assessments are a distinct form of formative activity involving:

  • A specific deadline
  • A marking criteria
  • A mechanism for feedback in an efficient and timely manner
  • A direct connection with prior/subsequent work and summative assessments.

As such, they provide explicit opportunities for practice in the technique or expectations of the summative assessment, being aligned to the learning involved in the summative assessment and / or the format.  It is crucial to ensure that the link between the two is clear, and that there is sufficient time for students to receive and address feedback on any formative assessments prior to the summative assessment. 

A wide range of approaches and tools can be used for formative submission and some key options are detailed on the following page:

Which eAssessment tool?