Accessibility statement

Inclusive assessment

Module Leaders are encouraged to reflect on the following questions related to inclusive assessment design:

  • Are you taking into account the diversity of your student cohort?
  • To what extent does the programme offer a range of assessment practices?
  • How do you ensure that the methods of assessment do not put any students at a disadvantage?
  • Have you considered alternative assessment methods or formats both within modules and across the whole programme to ensure that all students have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills? Are students able to choose from a range of assessment methods?
  • Does one type of assessment contribute to the majority of the overall grade? How do different students perform on this type of assessment relative to other modes of assessment? Would it be beneficial and feasible to offer students choice in the format of assessed work?
  • Is diversity of assessment balanced with the need to ensure students are confident and familiar with the expectations of specific modes of assessment?
  • Are students included in assessment design decisions?

UoY Inclusive learning toolkit