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The SUPA Group welcomes new members to contribute to our aims of improving the quality of the Integrated Masters and MA Social Work programmes and to provide personal insights into the needs of service users and carers.
As part of the SUPA Group you will:

  • Turn negative personal experiences into positive ones as you help the next generation of social workers understand individual situations.
  • Provide a voice for service users and carers.
  • Offer ‘big picture’ perspectives on social work issues.
  • Help social workers develop their professional identity and find their ‘role’ in society.
  • Inspire each other.

What a SUPA Group member does

A SUPA Group member might participate in the following ways:

  • Attend SUPA Group meetings.
  • Contribute to the teaching programme: role plays, workshops, lectures.
  • Interview prospective students.

See further information for how we are involved in the Social Work courses.

Typical commitments:

  • Meetings are held 6 times a year and last for two hours.
  • Teaching activities vary, but SUPA Group members are notified of opportunities in advance.
  • Interviews take place one day a week, each week during January-March.

How to join

Contact the Chair or Academic Lead of the SUPA Group to express your interest:

Academic Lead, SUPA Group
Department of Social Policy and Social Work
University of York
YO10 5DD

Please include a short statement which outlines your personal experience and how you might be able to contribute towards the SUPA Group's aims of improving the BA and MA Social Work courses. See our main page for details of our role.