SEI at World Water Week 2021

Take part in SEI-hosted online sessions at World Water Week from 23-27 August as we discuss water governance, sanitation, blue finance and sustainability.

World Water Week is an annual event organized and hosted by Stockholm International Water Institute. The event brings together business, policy, science and civil society to discuss and learn about climate change, water and sustainability issues, as well as address pressing water-related challenges.

This year, SEI will host several sessions during the week with topics on sanitation, blue and green finance, visualization of water narratives and Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about each of the events below and participate in what promises to be an intense week of learning and networking under the theme “Building Resilience Faster”.

The Sanitation Gap in Climate Policy and Financing

This session explores how best to implement urban sanitation projects that maximize access through resilient, low-emission systems.

An avalanche of collaboration triggering maximum SDG6 and SDG13 synergies

Collaboration among aid agencies, NGOs, governments and local actors is key to achieve effective climate change adaptation and mitigation in the water sector.

Riding the wave: Financing source-to-sea action

Welcome to an event to explore the rationales, challenges and opportunities for incorporating a source-to-sea perspective when assessing and funding projects.

Transformative Water Governance for Resilient and Fair Societies

This session introduces conceptualization and application of transformative water governance principles on ongoing water governance research in Asia and Africa.

High Level Panel: Building Resilience from Source to Sea

This World Water Week event will explore the benefits of adopting the source-to-sea approach when designing actions that tackle Sustainable Development Goals.

Water beyond boundaries: stories from Colombia and Southeast Asia

This session will explore narratives on how resilience is built through the transfer of water and water-mediated resources in and out of watershed boundaries.

Navigating multiple crises. Between adaptation and mitigation

Join this session to discuss the future of creating synergies between adaptation and mitigation of resilience-centric water governance mechanisms.

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