Continuation of studies

Depending on your course, you may be permitted extra time to write up your thesis after ending your formal enrolment at the University.

Your continuation period begins at the end of your normal registration period. You are not formally enrolled at the University during this time; however, you will retain access to the Library and IT facilities. You may only access departmental facilities with the written permission of the Chair of the departmental Graduate School Board.

The normal and maximum periods of study for full-time research programmes are as follows:

Degree  Normal registration period Maximum continuation period 
 Full-time Part-time 
PhD standard course   3 years 6 years 1 year
PhD extended course 4 years 8 years n/a
EngD 4 years no PT option 1 year
MPhil 2 years 4 years  1 year
MA/MSc by research   1 year 2 years 3 months

Continuation fees

If you have not submitted your thesis by the end of your normal registration period, PhD, MPhil and EngD students are liable to pay a continuation fee to cover access to computing and library borrowing facilities. MA/MSc by Research students are not charged a continuation fee. 

The continuation fee for 2023/24 is £420. You should pay this fee within two weeks of receiving the invoice.

In exceptional circumstances, you may extend your deadline beyond your initial continuation year. In this instance, you will be charged a second continuation fee.

You are personally liable for any continuation fees, regardless of your funding status. Extended scholarships (normally 3.5 years or longer) do not cover continuation fees, although they do continue to pay a stipend beyond your normal registration period.


The continuation fee will be refunded if you submit your thesis within three months of beginning your continuation period.

To request a refund, please complete the refund request form and send to

Please note, fees paid for further extension periods are not refundable.

Computing and library access

The continuation fee covers access to computing and library borrowing facilities. Access to inter-library loan facilities will be by separate payment to the Library.

Where a further extension to your deadline is approved, access to computing and library facilities will be provided for the period of the extension.

Access to computing and library facilities will end after you have submitted your thesis for examination.

Council Tax

Part-time students are not automatically exempt from Council Tax, either during or after their period of part-time registration. Full-time PhD students entering a continuation year can, under certain circumstances, claim exemption from Council Tax.

You must complete the Council Tax Exemption Declaration form available in e:Vision. You will need your supervisor to confirm that:

  • you have read the information on Council Tax for PhD Students;
  • you are undertaking academic study towards the completion of your thesis for at least 21 hours per week;
  • you do not intend to complete your thesis within 24 weeks of the start of your writing-up period;
  • you will not be in full-time employment while completing your thesis.

Your supervisor should email the completed form to

Contact us

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Contact us

PGR Administration
+44 (0)1904 325962
Student Hub, Information Centre Basement, Market Square