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Review Paper Published

Posted on 22 June 2020

Major Review paper published in collaboration with the York Plasma Institute....

Phil Bradford

A major review paper entitled Laser produced electromagnetic pulses: generation, detection, and mitigation(link is external) has just been published in collaboration with the York Plasma Institute. We would like to congratulation Phil Bradford and Prof Nigel Woolsey who are co-authors on the paper.

The paper is a multi-institutional, international review of the creation, characterisation, and mitigation of strong electromagnetic pulses produced by the interaction of high-power, high-energy laser pulses with different types of solid target. The review includes new experimental data obtained independently at several international laboratories. The mechanisms of electromagnetic field generation are analysed and considered as a function of the intensity and the spectral range of emissions they produce. Understanding the underlying physical processes is the basis for developing techniques to mitigate the electromagnetic threat, and to harness electromagnetic emissions, which may have promising applications.