The Contemporary Music Research Cluster (CMRC) at the University of York supports and promotes creativity in contemporary music of all kinds.

We are firmly committed to the idea of practice as research and our staff and students are all dedicated to the creation of new music through composition, improvisation and performance.

The Cluster offers outstanding facilities and a supportive environment in which creative ideas can be realised and our staff have a wide range of experience and expertise. Research students from all parts of the world pursue projects independently or in collaboration with each other.

The CMRC hosts a packed schedule of seminars, performances and workshops every term, with distinguished visiting artists and scholars.

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Department of Music
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  • Professor William Brooks
    Composition, Performance, Musicology: American music; contemporary vocal music; World War I songs.
  • Dr Tom Collins
    Music Technology: music and artificial intelligence; web audio; user interfaces; pattern discovery; music perception.
  • Dr Jonathan Eato
    Musicology, Composition: Jazz; improvisation; South African popular music.
  • Ben Eyes
  • Professor Tim Howell
    Musicology: analysis, including of contemporary music; Finnish music from Sibelius to the present.
  • Dr Mark Hutchinson
    Musicology, Performance: contemporary musical aesthetics and analysis; music and literature; piano accompaniment.
  • Dr Catherine Laws
    Musicology, Performance: contemporary music and experimental music practices; music and embodiment/subjectivity/identity; music and language; Samuel Beckett. 
  • Liam Maloney
    Music Technology: sound recording; electronic dance music history; listening studies; music sociology.
  • Dr Daniel March
    Musicology: analysis of contemporary music; minimalism; specific non-western repertoire and traditions.
  • Dr Federico Reuben
    Creative Music Technology, Composition: live electronic performance; improvisation; sound art; music computing and interactivity. 
  • Professor Thomas Simaku
    Composition: European modernism; contemporary music; the string quartet.
  • Dr John Stringer
    Composition, Performance: contemporary performance practice; conducting.
  • Dr Martin Suckling
    Composition, Performance: spectral and microtonal music; live electronics; orchestration.
  • Dr Jez Wells
    Music Technology: sound recording; music signal processing and modelling; technology in pop music production.


Our researchers host regular seminars, lectures, concerts and informal meetings throughout the year.

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Department of Music
+44 (0)1904 322446

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