Performance, subjectivity, and experimentation

A research partnership between the University of York and the Orpheus Institute, Ghent.

Off grid: the magic of microtones

Bringing together research into the use of microtones from compositional, performance and analytical perspectives.

Moving audiences

Providing the finest quality sound to an audience is a challenge. Particularly if the audience doesn't stay in one place.

Music, analysis and culture

Exploring the ways in which composers create music that speaks of our contemporary world.

Modularity, immediacy and exchange in laptop improvisation

Developing a new command-style live coding environment to address the challenges of laptop improvisation.

On and off the page

Reconstructing text, declamation and music at the turn of the 20th century.

Riddle songs

Developing new composition and performance through integrated theoretical and practice research into early medieval musical evidence.


A new CD of chamber music by Thomas Simaku performed by internationally renowned musicians.

Between Air, Clay and Woods of Certain Flutes

Explore an island forest, find the flutes that grow there, and experience the unique audio from the project.

These bones, this flesh, this skin

An interactive collaboration of music, dance and cinematography.

Expressive nonverbal communication in ensemble performance

Exploring how musicians communicate during a performance.

Representing rehearsals

Exploring how interactive video technology could support rehearsal practices.

Music composition as interdisciplinary practice

A network of practitioners and practitioner-researchers to explore music composition as an interdisciplinary practice.

From Score to Sound

Engaging the public in 20th and 21st-century British music.

Royal Musical Association Study Days