Research areas


York is one of the most active departments in the world for new music creation and performance, boasting seven staff composers and around 30 research students. Staff publish new music in a wide variety of genres, whilst the strong culture of performance allows for unique composer-performer collaborations.

Musicology and analysis


Musicology and Analysis are integral to research and learning at York, supported by excellent research facilities. Our research students at MA and PhD levels have the opportunity to work alongside, and collaborate with, performers and composers. 



Our staff perform and record internationally across a wide range of musical repertoire. Our programmes allows professional performers – as well as performer-composers – to conduct practice-led research, with submission by portfolio.

Music Technology

York is a leading centre in Music Technology and digital composition. Research is conducted in the outstanding facilities of the mrc, and applied to the music composition, performance, improvisation and installation outputs by staff, students and visiting musicians.

Jazz & improvised music


Our jazz and improvised music research is greatly supported by the performance of our University Jazz Orchestra, as well as resident and visiting ensembles, whilst members of staff are experienced performers and composers.


Ethnomusicology staff and students at York have access to instruments, recordings and library holdings to support research in Indonesian, Thai and Indian music. Our resident Gamelan Sekar Petak was the first purpose-built gamelan at a British university.