Accreditation: MSc Global Marketing

Our MSc Global Marketing is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

It's a mark of our course's quality and the valuable skills our students gain. Successfully completing the MSc Global Marketing takes you partway towards a professional CIM qualification.

About the accreditation

Studying for our MSc Global Marketing allows you to register as an affiliate student member of the CIM.

Successfully passing the course will allow you to claim exemptions from some modules of the CIM's professional qualifications. After you graduate, you have up to five years to complete additional modules for a full CIM qualification.

For the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing:

For the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing:

Completing either of these professional qualifications will allow you to register as an associate member of the CIM. As you increase your professional experience you can upgrade to a full member or fellow of the CIM and begin your journey to becoming a chartered member.

A membership fee is payable if you choose to register.