Accessibility statement

Problems finding resources

Our top tips if you can’t find what you need in the Library.

It's not on YorSearch‌

  • Check that you've searched using the right information. For example, have you got the correct spelling?
  • Ask at the Help Desk.
  • Check the reference with your tutor.

‌It's not on the shelf

  • Check to see if the item is waiting to be shelved in one of the reshelving rooms on the first and second floors of the JB Morrell Library.
  • Double check you are looking in the right place. For example, perhaps the book is a quarto (oversize book), and so shelved separately.
  • Ask at the Help Desk.

If we don't have it here

  1. Try Google Scholar
    Google Scholar includes links to freely available PDFs and alternate versions of articles.
  2. Search institutional repositories
    If the article you need was written by someone at a university, they might have placed a copy in their institutional repository. Look at their website for more details.
  3. Visit other libraries
    You can access items at other libraries. Apply to the Library for a SCONUL Access card so that you can access other UK university libraries or visit the British Library at Boston Spa. Book a place on our free weekly minibus. 
  4. Apply for it using our free Interlending Service
    We can source articles and books from elsewhere.
  5. Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian
    Stuck? Get in touch with your department's Academic Liaison Librarian for advice.