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Books & ebooks

Books & ebooks


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We have almost a million print books across the University Library, most of which can be borrowed.

All books are included on YorSearch.

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Borrowing books

Have a look at our Borrowing web page for information on how to borrow, return and renew books and how many you can borrow and for how long.

Shelf locations

All of our books have a shelf location, linking similar subjects together.

The shelf location is a combination of letters and numbers.

For example G 5.815 LUM is the shelf location of the book by Steve Lumby called Corporate Finance:

G represents Economics

5 is the business section within economics

.8 is the management section within the business section

.815 is the corporate finance subsection

LUM is the first three letters of the author's name

Floor plans

Floor plans (PDF , 1,440kb)

The numbers are decimal numbers.

So, for example:
G 5.815 comes before G 5.82

You also need to make a note of the Collection. For example, remember that Quarto (oversize) books are shelved at the end of the ordinary size books in each subject.

Subjects & locations

EA-EE Anthropology
P Archaeology
L-LL Art (Books & Folios)
T Astronomy
X-XZ Biology
W-WX Biosciences, Geology
V Chemistry
SK Computer Science
G-GA Economics
K Education
U Electronics, Physics
0 General Works
N Geography
Q History
MZ-MZW Language and Linguistics
J Law (Books & Journals)
M-MY Literature
G Management
S-SF Mathematics
Y Medicine, Nursing (Books & Journals)
A Philosophy
H-HB Politics
B Psychology
C Religion
R Science (general)
DA Social Policy and Social Work
D Sociology
F Statistics
Z Technology
LN-LT Theatre, Film and Television

Reference collections

Although many reference sources are now available on the web, sometimes it's quicker to look up information in a print publication, and sometimes the information isn't yet available online.

We limit use of reference resources to the Library so that they are always available for quick reference.

What reference collections are there?

There are several collections which are for use in the Library only:

  • Some general reference works such as encyclopedias, handbooks, directories and dictionaries which are located within the relevant subject sections
  • Humanities Research Reference collection in the Raymond Burton Library Reading Room which includes the Elton Collection and humanities reference material.
  • Items in the Rare Books Collection may be rare or valuable so they can't be removed from the building