Science, technology, environment, medicine

The history of science, the history of technology, environmental history and the history of medicine are dynamic fields of historical enquiry that have formulated new and exciting questions and historical approaches. These fields of history have expanded at York in recent years, and we are proud to host a core group of scholars whose research in these areas has received international recognition. Our publications have explored such topics as missionary medicine, the history of the body, people and transport, agriculture and the environment in the Russian steppes and the astronomer Galileo.

Our work spans periods from the Medieval to the Modern and encompasses a variety of geographic locations including Britain and Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean. We particularly emphasize the wider social, cultural, economic, political and intellectual aspects of science, technology, medicine and the environment. A key strength of these disciplines as practiced at York is the full engagement of historians in this area with fields such as religious history, global history, material culture, anthropology and sociology. In addition, scholars in this cluster are active in public engagement, and participate in discussions with policymakers through work with institutions beyond the academy, such as the World Health Organisation.