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Shaping Knowledge: The Transmission of the 'Liber Floridus'

Posted on 12 December 2017

Hanna Vorholt's new book now available.

Congratulations to Hanna Vorholt on the publication of her new book.

"Taking account of the full range of manuscripts which transmit material from the Liber Floridus and focusing in more detail on three of them – now in the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel, in the Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden and in the Abdijarchief of Tongerlo – it shows that the makers of these manuscripts did not merely select and copy material from the Liber Floridus, but also organized images and texts in new ways, sought out different exemplars for them and embarked on compilatory activities of their own."

It is available to purchase here: