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Renaissance Ferrara: New Directions and Interpretations

Friday 29 June 2018, 10.00AM to 4pm



10.00 Welcome (Amanda Lillie and Kate Lowe)

Thomas Tuohy, Thoughts on Ercole d’Este and architecture

Lisa Di Crescenzo (Queen Mary University of London), ‘Questions of émigrée agency: Luisa Strozzi at the Este court’ (30 minutes)

Claudia Wardle (University of York), ‘Devotional frames in a Ferrarese book of hours’ (30 minutes)

Giorgia Mancini (The National Gallery), ‘When did Tura paint the Roverella altarpiece?’

Kate Lowe (Queen Mary University of London), ‘Why was Ercole d’Este interested in the Portuguese discoveries?’

12.30-1.30 Lunch

Trevor Dean (Roehampton University), ‘Keeping law and order in Renaissance Ferrara: an impossible task?’

Tamar Herzig (Tel Aviv University), ‘Performing conversion in Renaissance Ferrara’

Laurie Stras (University of Southampton), ‘What’s Judith to Ferrara?’

Antonio Cartolano (Goldsmiths), ‘Setting the record straight: The succession problem in Renaissance Ferrara’

Kristen Lippincott (The Exhibitions Team), ‘Changing views of Renaissance Ferrara: An introduction’

Sarah Dunant (novelist), ‘Making a city sing: where the historian and the novelist meet’

Location: Classroom 2, The Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London, Classroom 2, Friday 29 June 2018