A Tale of Three Cities: Architecture and Spectacle in Prague, Krakow and Vienna

Friday 22 May 2015, 6.15PM

Speaker(s): Zoë Opačić (Birkbeck)


The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries were an era of rapid expansion in urban fabric which showed great sophistication in the use of architectural language to shape space and convey shifting meanings. Prague, Vienna and Krakow, all three seats of powerful courts, emancipated civic authorities, new universities and important artistic centres, developed impressive new districts, and built bridges, gates, palaces, town halls and cathedrals. This lecture examines the relationship between form, function and symbolic interpretation, expanded over the three-dimensional canvas of these medieval cities.

This public lecture is part of the Urbanity and Society in the Middle Ages conference.

Everyone is welcome!

Location: K/133 King's Manor