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An informal discussion about the current field of British Art studies and the British Art Research School at York

Friday 5 November 2010, 2.00PM to 17:00

The plan is that we will sit round a table together and discuss the current field of British Art studies and also the future directions for the British Art Research School at York.
This is definitely *not* a conference or formal event, but we might have a few very short position papers/ statements from members of staff to get the conversation started. It is important to get our PhD and postdoc students more involved in the Research School and events so it is hoped that everyone around the table will give a very brief summary of their research so that we have an idea of the range of work going on.

Topics/ issues that we will cover include:

  • Future events supported by the British Art Research School.
  • How we envisage the field to develop and how we can contribute to this at York.
  • Other activities the British Art School could arrange/ be involved with.
  • How the Research School could further support postgraduate research and activities.

This should be an enjoyable afternoon and a chance to get together informally to talk about our work. To aid this, lots of tea and cake will be provided!

Contact Sarah Turner for further details.


Location: Treehouse of the Berrick Saul Building