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'Cultural Landscapes' - an Architectural History and Theory Research School Symposium

Friday 10 December 2010, 1.30PM to 17:30

The relation between architecture and its environment is a preoccupation common to current architectural practitioners and scholars of architectural history since architecture can been viewed as culturally and topographically specific. 'Cultural Landscapes' offers an opportunity to promote dialogue between established and emerging scholars and curators on the relation between architecture, visual culture, place and identity. This symposium explores the relationship between the social, political and cultural roles of architectural interventions. It asks in what way architectural design and meaning responds to and/or determines or limits personal and social behaviour? What is the aesthetic/affective relationship between architecture and its environment? What is the role of architecture and its representation in the construction of local, national and/or international/colonial identities? How do representations of architecture in context contribute to the dissemination and consumption of ideas of meaning, identity and place? The frame has been kept intentionally broad with regard to chronology, geography and methodological position to encourage a wide range of perspectives

Confirmed Speakers:

Location: Kings' Manor, K/133