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A mouthful of science

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Tuesday 4 February 2020,
10.00AM - 2.00pm

Location: University of Sheffield

Year group(s): 7 & 8

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Science is in every mouthful you take. In fact, it's there even before you've picked your fork up. At this event students can discover the science behind food. From the chemical reactions occurring in your mouth to how your genes affect your taste buds to how we're facing up to the reality of feeding an ever growing global population.

Students will get involved in hands-on activities, some with edible* elements, as well as exploring the problems the next generation of scientists may face. Pupils will also have the opportunity to meet current students, find out more about the University of Sheffield and complete STEM challenges.

Subject areas this would appeal to: Chemistry and Biology.

*For allergy sufferers a list of the foods used can be provided but zero cross-contamination cannot be guaranteed. Please get in touch if a student requires more information in advance of the event.

Catering: Yes


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