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Spring Term 2011

27 January
Yuan Ju
On the Robustness of the Shapley Value in Bargaining with Renegotiation (PDF , 54kb)

10 March
Jacco Thijssen

Beyond Myopia in Infinite Horizon Economies

It is well known that in infinite dimensional exchange economies where the commodity space is represented by the space of bounded sequences and the price space is the space of summable sequences existence of equilibrium can be guaranteed only if consumers' preferences are myopic. This rules out that agents may have long-term considerations in determining their consumption patterns. This implies that, paradoxically, infinite horizon models may not be useful in analysing truly long-term situations, like, for example, environmental issues. In this paper we investigate whether there are ways of moving beyond myopia in different commodity-price dualities. It turns out that by either suitably restricting the commodity space and by suitably extending the price space non-myopic preferences such as Rawlsian or long-sighted (presbyopic) preferences can be accommodated. Our approach is based on defining an appropriate notion of long-run (average) consumption as well as introducing an associated price functional that prices consumption at individual dates as well as long-run average consumption. It turns out that existence of equilibrium can not be guaranteed in economies where myopic and presbyopic agents co-exist, but that Rawlsian preferences are compatible with both myopic and presbyopic preferences.

17 March
Peter Simmons
"In a life cycle context when is it rational for consumers to take some static decisions? A theorem and a labour supply example."

Autumn 2010 schedule

21 October 2010 - Paul Schweinzer (with Beatrice Roussillon)
Title: Endogenous expert advice through labelling contests for credence goods (PDF , 59kb)

4 November 2010 - Emma Tominey
Title: The Timing of Parental Income and Child Outcomes (PDF , 18kb)

18 November 2010 - John D. Hey (with John Bone and Carmen Pasca)
Title: Investigating the Acceptability of Fleurbaey’s Axioms of Social Justice (PDF , 47kb)

25 November 2010 - Mark Koyama (with Jean-Paul Carvalho)
Title: Emancipation and Schism: The Emergence of Reform and Ultra-Orthodox Judaism (PDF , 141kb)

2 December 2010 - Matthias Morys 
Title: Monetary Policy under the Classical Gold Standard (1870s - 1914) (PDF , 211kb)

9 December 2010 - TBC

16 December 2010 - John D. Hey (with Noemi Pace)
Title: Non-Multiple Prior Models of Decision Making Under Ambiguity (PDF , 94kb)
Hey and Pace (MS PowerPoint , 1,041kb)

Summer 2010 seminar schedule

20 May
Peter Burridge, University of York
Title: Improving a spatial J-test using likelihood-based estimation
Paper (PDF , 247kb)

27 May
Vito Polito, University of Cardiff Business School (joint work with Peter Spencer, University of York)
Title: Optimal monetary policy with heteroscedastic macro-finance models
Abstract (PDF , 149kb)

3 June
Yves Balasko, University of York
Title: How large is the number of critical equilibria separating two equilibria?
Abstract (PDF , 34kb)

10 June
Peter Simmons, University of York
Title: Role of Risk Aversion, Limited Liability & Bargaining Power in CSV Loan Contracts
Abstract (PDF , 70kb)

17 June
Takashi Yamagata, University of York
Title: The Spatial and Temporal Diffusion of House Prices in the UK
Paper (PDF , 661kb)

24 June
Carlo Reggiani, University of York
Title: Behaviour based price discrimination with elastic demand (joint work with Rosa Branca Esteves, University of Minho)
Abstract (PDF , 131kb)

Spring 2010 seminar schedule

4 February
Yuan Ju, University of York
Title: A Model of Two-Person Bargaining with Variable Threats and Multilateral Bargaining and Coalition Formation.
Abstract (PDF , 23kb)

11 February
John Hey, University of York
Title: Dynamic Decision Making: What Do People Do? (joint paper with Luca Panaccione, LUISS)
Paper (PDF , 366kb)

4 March
Carlo Reggiani, University of York
Title: Network Neutrality and non-discrimination
Abstract (PDF , 17kb)

11 March
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series
Julian Jamison, Yale University
Title: Linking Economic Games to Real-world Outcomes (joint paper with Dean Karlan)
Abstract (PDF , 4kb)

Autumn 2009 seminar schedule

29 October 2009
Yves Balasko, University of York
Title: The strong and weak axioms of revealed preferences revisited
Abstract (PDF , 27kb)

5 November 2009
Peter Spencer, University of York
Title: Asymmetric information and the behavior of the inter-bank wholesale deposit market in a financial crisis
Abstract (PDF , 41kb)

12 November 2009
Carlo Reggiani, University of York
Title: Optimal Differentiation and Spatial Competition: The Spokes Model with Product Delivery
Paper (PDF , 531kb)

19 November 2009
Mike Wickens, University of York
Title: What's wrong with modern macroeconomics? Why its critics have missed the point

3 December 2009
Martin Forster, University of York
Title: Valuing options with sequential sampling and irreversible investment
Abstract (PDF , 39kb)

10 December 2009
Nongnuch Tantisantiwong, University of York
Title: Equilibrium Moment Restrictions on Asset Prices
Paper (PDF , 105kb)

Summer 2009 seminar schedule

7 May 2009 -XiaoHua Chen
University of York
Detecting Time-Variation in Corporate Bond Index Returns: A Smooth Transition Regression Model
Abstract (PDF , 32kb)

14 May 2009 - Francesco Bravo
University of York
Generalised empirical likelihood testing for semiparametric conditional moment restrictions models
Abstract (PDF , 53kb)

14 May 2009 - James Anderson
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series

Boston College
The changing incidence of geography
This seminar will take place in room AEW/104 at 16:15

21 May 2009 - Alberto Bucci
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series
Universita degli Studi, Milan
Transitional Dynamics in the Solow-Swan Growth Model with AK Technology and Logistic Population Change
Paper (PDF , 160kb)

11 June 2009 - Guido Ascari
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series
University of Pavia
Disinflation in a DSGE Perspective: Sacrifice Ratio or Welfare Gain Ratio?
Paper (PDF , 280kb)

25 June 2009 - Anindya Bhattacharya
University of York (with Victoria Brosi, University of York; and Francesco Ciardiello, University of Foggia)
On von Neumann and Morgenstern's Stable Sets in Spatial Voting Situations
Abstract (PDF , 59kb)

Spring 2009 seminar schedule

Thursday 22 January 2009 - Peter Spencer(with Zhuoshi Liu)
University of York
An Open-Economy Macro-Finance Model of International Interdependence: The case of the UK
Paper (PDF , 808kb)

Thursday 12 Feburary 2009 - Alan Krause
University of York
Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation with Learning-by-Doing
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Thursday 26 February 2009 - Dominic Rohner (with Massimo Morelli)
University of York
Secessionist and Centrist Conflicts: the Role of Natural Resource Rents
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Thursday 5 March 2009 - Martin Forster
University of York
Surviving Slavery. Mortality at Mesopotamia, a Jamaican sugar estate, 1762 - 1832
Abstract and Paper

Thursday 12 March 2009 - Mauro Bambi
University of York
Unifying time-to-build theory
Abstract (PDF , 87kb)

Thursday 19 March 2009 - Peter Simmons
University of York
Base Consumption Levels: What does It Mean to Put Demographic etc Effects in the Constant Term; Quasihomotheticity, Quaids and All That
Abstract (PDF , 8kb)

Autumn 2008 Seminar Schedule

Thursday 16 October 2008 - Nattavudh Powdthavee (with Robert Metcalfe and Paul Dolan, Imperial College London)
University of York
Estimating the Global Impacts of 9/11 on Mental Well-Being: Evidence from the British Data
Abstract (PDF , 31kb)

Thursday 23 October 2008 - Yves Balasko, to be held in ARRC Focus Group 2 (Tessa card access required)
University of York
The natural projection approach to the Arrow-Debreu model with nonstransitive preferences

Thursday 30 October Wednesday 2008 - Yuan Ju
University of York
Multilateral Bargaining over Coalitional Externalities
Abstract (PDF , 73kb)

Thursday 6 November 2008 - Kazuto Masuda Part of the Departmental Seminar Series
Bank of Japan
Labour Persistency, Wealth Distribution and Durable Goods: The Effect on the Welfare Cost of the Business Cycle
Abstract (PDF , 13kb)

Friday 21 November 2008 - Indra Ray Part of the Departmental Seminar Series to be held in AEC/201 at 13:15
University of Birmingham

Thursday 27 November 2008 - Francesco Bravo (with Frederico Crudo)
University of York
Efficient bootstrap for weakly dependent processes
Abstract (PDF , 20kb)

Thursday 4 December 2008 - Victoria Brosi (with Anindya Bhattacharya)
University of York
An Existence Result for Farsighted Stable Sets of Games in Characteristic Function Form
Paper (PDF , 57kb)

Thursday 11 December 2008 - Michele Giuranno
University of York
Pooling Sovereignty and Subsidiarity Principle

Summer 2008 seminar schedule

Thursday 1st May - Peter Simmons (with Emanuela Randon)
University of York
Efficient Allocations, Equilibria and Stability in Scarf's Cyclic Preference Economy
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Thursday 15 May - Nathaniel T. Wilcox
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series

University of Houston
Stochastically More Risk Averse: A Contextual Theory of Stochastic Discrete Choice Under Risk
Paper (PDF , 530kb)

Thursday 22 May - Kit Baum (with James G. Bohn and Atreya Chakraborty)
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series

Boston College
Securities fraud class actions and corporate governance: New evidence on the role of merit
Paper (PDF , 438kb)

Thursday 5 June - Arunava Sen (with Nicolas Gravel (Marseille, France) and Thierry Marchant (Ghent, Belgium)
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series

Indian Statistical Institute
The ranking of sets by the uniform expected utility criterion
Paper (PDF , 271kb)

Thursday 12 June - Fabrizio Iacone
University of York
A semiparametric analysis of the term structure of the US interest rates
Abstract (PDF , 55kb)

Thursday 26 June - Jianhua Gang (with C.A. Atanasova, University of British Columbia)
To be held in ARRC Focus Group 2 (Tessa card access required)

University of York
SemiNonParametric Analysis of Volatility Perception and Equity Return
Abstract (PDF , 55kb)

Thursday 10 July - Julian Jamison
University of Southern California
Neuroeconomics & Preferences

Spring 2008 seminar schedule

Thursday 24 January - Luigi Siciliani (with Kurt R. Brekke, Roberto Cellini and Odd Rune Straume)
University of York
Competition and quality in healthcare or regulated markets: a differential game approach
Abstract (PDF , 39kb)

Thursday 31 January - Alan Krause
To be held in ARRC Focus Group 2 (Tessa card access required)

University of York
Discrimination-Blind versus Discrimination-Sighted Optimal Income Taxation
Abstract (PDF , 11kb)

Thursday 14 February - Dominic Rohner
University of York
Reputation, Group Structure and Social Tensions
Abstract (PDF , 8kb)

Thursday 28th February  - Franco Donzelli
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series

University of Milan
Jevons, Jenkin and Walras on Demand-and-Supply Analysis in the Theory of Exchange
Abstract (PDF , 11kb), Paper (PDF , 349kb)

Thursday 6 March - Thomas Flavin (with Ekaterini Panoupolou)
To be held in ARRC Focus Group 2 (Tessa card access required)

NUI Maynooth
Detecting shift and pure contagion in East Asian equity markets: A unified approach.
Abstract (PDF , 30kb)

Thursday 13 March - Jan Sand (with Derek Clark and Øystein Foros)
Part of the Departmental Seminar Series

University of Tromso
Licensing technology and foreclosure in contests
Abstract (PDF , 10kb), Paper (PDF , 196kb)

Autumn 2007 seminar schedule

Thursday 11 October - Peter Sivey
University of York
Imperfect information in a quality-competitive hospital care market
Abstract (PDF , 57kb)

Thursday 18 October - Carles Ibanez
University of York
General Equilibrium Price Adjustment
Abstract (PDF , 62kb)

Thursday 25 October - Michele Giuranno
University of York
Pooling Sovereignty and the Subsidiarity Principle
Abstract (PDF , 11kb)

Thursday 1 November - John Hey
University of York
Naïve, Resolute or Sophisticated? A Study of Dynamic Decision Making
Paper (PDF , 1,142kb)

Thursday 8 November - Peter Simmons (with A Menichini)
University of York
Social & Strategic Power of Signalling in CSV Loan Contracts
Paper (PDF , 377kb)

Thursday 15 November - Yuan Ju (with D Wettstein)
University of York
Implementing Cooperative Solution Concepts: A Generalized Bidding Approach
Paper (PDF , 235kb)

Thursday 29 November - Takashi Yamagata
University of York
Volatility-Return Analysis Using Dynamic Panels
Abstract (PDF , 6kb)

Thursday 6 December - Michele Giuranno
University of York
Regional Income Disparity and the Size of the Public Sector
Abstract (PDF , 22kb)

Summer 2007 seminar schedule

Thursday 10 May - Mike Wickens
University of York
Is the Euro Sustainable?
Abstract (PDF , 59kb)

Thursday 17 May - Arthur Lewbel Part of the Departmental Seminar Series
Boston College
Identifying the Returns to Lying When the Truth is Unobserved

Thursday 7 June - Anindya Bhattacharya (with Abderrahmane Ziad)
University of York
On Credible Coalitional Deviations by Prudent Players
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Thursday 21 June - Luigi Siciliani (with Michael Kuhn, Max Planck Institute)
University of York
Upcoding and optimal auditing for hospitals (or 'the economics of DRG creep'): a theoretical analysis
Abstract (PDF , 64kb)

Thursday 28 June - Yves Balasko
University of York
Some thoughts on the mathematics of general equilibrium theory beyond the existence and welfare theorems

Thursday 5 July - Giuseppe Travaglini
University of Urbino
Sources of Productivity Slowdown in European Countries During 1990s
Abstract (PDF , 67kb)

Spring 2007 seminar schedule

Thursday 18 January - Ken Binmore 11am-12:30pm in ARRC Focus Room 1 (RC/109)
University College London
Making Decisions in Large Worlds
Paper (PDF , 141kb)

Thursday 22 February - Rudrani Bhattacharya Part of Departmental Seminar Series
Indian Statistical Institute
Human Capital, Dynamic Preference and Endogenous Transition from Primitive Agriculture to Industrial Mass Production: Three Stages of Economic Development.
Paper (PDF , 78kb)

Thursday 8 March - Alan Krause
University of York
A Tax Reform Analysis of the Laffer Argument
Paper (PDF , 167kb)

Autumn 2006 seminar schedule

Thursday 12 October - Adriana Breccia
University of York
Sequential Restructuring of Debt Classes, Absolute Priority Violation and Spread Reversals Under Chapter 11
Abstract (PDF , 67kb)

Thursday 19 October - Murray Smith
University of Sydney
Dependence Structures in Microeconometrics
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Thursday 26 October - Mike Wickens with Peter N Smith
University of York
Inflation Targeting: Is the New Keynesian Model Fit for Purpose?
Paper (PDF , 205kb)

Thursday 2 November - Akihiko Kaneko with Daisuke Matsuzaki
Tokyo Institute of Technology
The Consumption Tax and the Economic Growth in an Overlapping Generations Model with Money Holdings
Abstract (PDF , 6kb)

Thursday 9 November - Sadayuki Ono
University of York
Term Structure Dynamics in a Monetary Economy with Learning
Abstract (PDF , 48kb)

Thursday 16 November - Francesco Bravo
University of York
Efficient M-estimators with Auxiliary Information
Abstract (PDF , 40kb)

Thursday 23 November - Luigi Siciliani
University of York
Paying for performance whith altruistic or motivated providers
Abstract (PDF , 43kb)

Thursday 30 November - Söhnke M Bartram with Greg Brown and Bernadette Minton
Lancaster University Management School
Resolving the Exposure Puzzle: The Many Facets of Exchange Rate Exposure

Thursday 7 December - Mike Wickens with Vito Polito
University of York
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy based on VAR Analysis
Abstract (PDF , 59kb)

Thursday 14 December - David Tomas Jacho-Chavez
Indiana University
Optimal Bandwidth Choice for Estimation of Inverse Conditional-Density-Weighted Expectations
Paper | Addendum

Summer 2006 seminar schedule

Thursday 18 May - Viv Hall
Victoria University of Wellington
An Australasian Currency, New Zealand Adopting the US Dollar, or an Independent Monetary Policy?

Thursday 25 May - Peter Spencer
University of York
Unit Roots in the Macro-Finance Model: The US Treasury Bond Market 1961-2004.

Thursday 1 June - Anindya Bhattacharya with Diganta Mukherjee
University of York
An Aspect of Revolt

Thursday 8 June - Yves Balasko
Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques
Do Short-Run Efficiency and Optimal Capacity Imply Long-Run Efficiency?

Thursday 15 June - Silvana Robone with Alberto Zanardi
University of Bologna and University of York
Market Structure and Technology: Evidence from the Italian National Health Service

Thursday 29 June - Anindya Bhattacharya with Massimo Morelli
University of York
A Strategic Model of War

Spring 2006 seminar schedule

Thursday 26 January - Nuno Garoupa
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Least Cost Avoidance

Thursday 2 February - Mercelo Fernandes with Fabio Araujo and Joao Victor Issler
Queen Mary, University of London
Estimating the Stochastic Discount Factor without a Utility Function

Thursday 9 February - Guido Ascari
University of Pavia
Trend Inflation, Taylor Principle and Indeterminacy (with Tiziano Ropele, University of Milano-Bicocca)

Thursday 16 February - Daniele Checchi
University of Milan and IZA
Labour Market Institutions and the Personal Distribution of Income of the OECD

Thursday 23 February - Alan Krause
University of York
On the Incidence of Substituting Consumption Taxes for Income Taxes

Thursday 2 March - Martin Forster with Martin Walsh and Sue Bowden
University of York
cience, Society and the Tobacco Story: 1920 - 1963

Thursday 9 March - Luigi Siciliani with Michael Kuhn
University of York
Performance Indicators for Quality in Health Care with Adverse Selection on Ability

Thursday 16 March - Fabrizio Iacone
University of York
Local Whittle Estimation of the Memory Parameter in Presence of Deterministic Components

Autumn 2005 seminar schedule

Thursday 13 October - Alvaro Pereira with Martin A Andresen
University of York
Structural Change and Foreign Direct Investment

Thursday 27 October - Mike Wickens
University of York
The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee: A View from a Parliamentary Specialist Adviser

Thursday 10 November - Patricia Anderson with Kristin F Butcher
to be held in ARRC Focus Group 2 (Tessa card access required)

Dartmouth College
Reading, Writing and Raisinets: Are School Finances Contributing to Children's Obesity?

Thursday 1 December - Omer Moav
Hebrew University
Natural Selection and the Evolution of Life Expectancy

Thursday 8 December - Christina Atanasova with D Antov
University of York
Investment, Interfirm Trade and Bank Borrowings

Summer 2005 seminar schedule

Thursday June 16 - Herb Newhouse and Anindya Bhattacharya
University of York
Effects of the RAE on Allocative Efficiency

Thursday June 9 - Luigi Siciliani (with Hugh Gravelle)
University of York
Is Waiting-Time Prioritisation Welfare Improving?

Thursday June 2- Renatas Kizys
University of York

Thursday May 26 - Raja Junankar (with Stephane Mahuteau)
University of Western Sydney
Do Migrants get Good Jobs? New Migrant Settlement in Australia

Thursday May 19 - Mike Wickens
University of York

Thursday May 12 - Alvaro Pereira
University of York
Triple Engines of Growth: Why Sustained Growth Arose in Europe and not Asia

Spring 2005 seminar schedule

Thursday March 17 - Peter Spencer
University of York

Thursday March 10 - Andrew Hughes-Hallett
Vanderbilt University and CEPR
Fiscal Policy Coordination with Independent Monetary Policies: Is it Possible?

Thursday February 17 - Vincent Merlin
with Marc R Feix, Dominique Lepelly and Jean-Louis Rouet

University of Caen
Probability Models for the Analysis of Voting Rules in a Federal Union

Thursday February 3 - Bhaskar Dutta
with Francis Bloch and Suresh Mutuswami

University of Warwick
Endogeneous Communication Networks