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Corruption and corruptibility

Thursday 31 October 2019, 1.00PM to - 2.00 pm

Speaker(s): John Bone (DERS)

By corruption we mean covert and illicit transactions between citizens and public officials, typically where a bribe is paid in exchange for some service. Officials may vary in their willingness to engage in such transactions, i.e. in their corruptibility

Intuition might suggest the incidence of corruption to be positively related to the general level of corruptibility, and also to how well-informed are citizens about the corruptibility of given individual officials. 
We examine these relationships within a model of corruption as a 3-person inspection game. Since inspection games standardly have mixed-strategy equilibria, we should expect the unexpected ...  

No econometrics, no experiments, no data, nor even any stylised facts. Just a few simple diagrams and equations, like in the old days.

Location: Staff Room - A/EC202

Admission: Staff and PhD