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Affirmative Action and Quality of Governance: Evidence from Utilization of Funds in Village Councils of India (PE)

Monday 12 November 2018, 1.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Subhasish Dey

To increase the number of individuals from disadvantaged sections of the population (women, individuals of specific groups and ethnicities) in leadership positions, several countries have introduced affirmative action policies. These quotas require a certain proportion of leadership positions to be held by individuals from disadvantaged groups. How do these affirmative action policies affect development outcomes? We examine this question in the context of the implementation of the national public works program in India. Village councils were randomly allocated to be headed by women. Using a number of variables that capture the effectiveness in the administration of the scheme, we find that male heads are consistently more effective compared to female heads. Our results pose serious questions about the efficacy of affirmative action policies in the context of program implementation.

Location: A/EC201 Economics Meeting Room

Admission: Staff and PhD Students