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Determinants of Industrial Location in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the Interwar Period of the 20th Century

Thursday 1 May 2014, 1.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Stefan Nikolic, University of York

Abstract: The paper studies industrial location in Yugoslavia - a country born after WWI which experienced increased economic integration in a period of disintegration in Europe. Using contemporary sources, we built a novel dataset which spans six historical regions, ten industries and eight years. This allows us to see how established patterns of specialisation and localisation, in regions and industries, changed over time. We aim to answer our main research question - what were the main determinants of industrial location in interwar Yugoslavia? -using panel data econometrics to account for the effects of factor endowments and market access.

Location: Economics Staff Room (EC/202)

Admission: Economics Thursday Workshop. For Staff and Postgraduate students