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Bingtale and Fathomtale - Lead Miners’ Earnings in 19th Century Allendale

Wednesday 16 January 2013, 4.15PM to 5.45pm

Speaker(s): Tim Barmby, The University of Aberdeen

Abstract: This paper uses the records of the Beaumont/Blackett lead mining concerns in Allendale to examine the earnings for lead miners in the early 1860’s. The paper matches two parts of the historical record, the Bargain books and the quarterly financial accounts, to give a more complete picture of the earnings of this group of workers than has previously been done. The paper also examines aspects of the setting of the rates in the bargains by the mine owner’s agents and gives some interpretation of the way some workers responded to this.

Location: Economics Staff Room (A/EC/202)

Admission: Economics Department Seminar. All welcome to attend