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Non and semiparametric methods mini conference

15-16 May 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Non and semiparametric methods mini conference will be held on 15-16 May 2014, University of York. Speakers include Professor Oliver Linton and Professor Ingrid van Keilegom, who are presenting their recent works in the key note speeches.

Participation (including coffees and lunches) is open and free of charge, but registration is essential. If you wish to register, please email Mrs Annette Johnson by the 5th May 2014.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in York.

Francesco Bravo, Fabrizio Iacone and Takashi Yamagata


Day 1
10.45 Registration and coffee (ARRC Auditorium Foyer)

11.15 Semiparametric GEE analysis in partially linear single index models with longitudinal data
Jia Chen (University of York)

12:00 Functional principal component analysis of density families with complex survey data on UK prices
David T. Jacho-Chavez (Emory University)

12.45 Lunch (ARRC Seminar Room/Foyer)

14:00 Key note: Nonparametric prediction in time series
Oliver Linton (Cambridge University)

15:00 Nonparametric identification and estimation of transformation models
Dennis Kristensen (UCL)

15:45 Coffee Break (ARRC Auditorium Foyer)

16:00 Wilks’ phenomenon in two-step semiparametric empirical likelihood inference
Juan Carlos Escanciano (Indiana University)

16:45 An iterative estimation procedure for generalised varying coefficients models when the link function is unknown
Wenyang Zhang (University of York)

17:30 End of day 1

Day 2
9:30 Coffee (ARRC Auditorium Foyer)

10:00 Key Note: Estimation of conditional ranks and test of exogeneity in nonseparable models
Ingrid van Keilegom (Universite Catolique Louvain)

11:00 Augmented quantile regression methods for first price auctions
Emmanuel Guerre (Queen Mary University of London)

11:45 Coffee (ARRC Foyer)

12:00 Estimating smooth structural change in cointegrating models
Degui Li (University of York)

12:45 Second-order comparisons for nonparametric conditional moment restrictions models
Francesco Bravo (University of York)

13:30 Lunch (Economics Staff Room A/EC202)