College Team

College Team

College Team 2019

"Together we run the College, support student activity and we a first point of contact for students with any conerns, questions or difficulties they might have.  Our offices are in the Centre Building.  We are always happy to meet with students, and we aim to reply to emails in one to two days" - Jonny, Suzanne and Rosie.


College Manager - Jonny Exon

"My role as College Manager is to manage the College staff, and to support all Langwith students, living on and off campus, to success and thrive at University.  I am always happy to meet with any student, whether they want help to put on an event, to discuss a concern they have or to support them through a difficult time. My office is in the Langwith Centre Building, at the far end of the corridor from Reception."


Tel: 01904 32 3414


College Administrator - Suzanne Dekker

‌Suzanne is the College Administrator. She is a key point of contact during office hours and is responsible for providing day to day administration for the College; liaising with the Accommodation team; Campus Services; Student Support; Common Room Committees and communicating with residents and College members. Suzanne has an office in the Langwith Centre Building behind reception.


Tel: 01904 32 3413

Suzanne Dekker

Graduate Tutor - Rosie Evans


Rosie is a recent York graduate and is the first point of contact for residents if they have any questions or concerns during their time in Langwith College. She helps to support and build our College community, and she is the first line of help for students with any issues they may be facing; whether that be a personal difficulty or a concern about others in Langwith.  Her office is past reception, down the corridor to the left.


Tel: 01904 32 3410

College Principal

College Principal - Jeremy Jacob



As College Principal, Jeremy chairs College Council and represents the College at official functions, as well as to our wider academic and alumni community.

Jeremy is also a Lecturer in Computer Science.



Langwith College Student Association‌ (LCSA)

Langwith College Student Association‌ (LCSA)

Hi! We are the LCSA, a group of students elected to make your time in Langwith really special. We represent both postgraduate and undergraduate students and are re-elected every year, so get involved! We hold events throughout the year, from crazy bar crawls to chilled out movie nights. Find out more

College Fellows

Langwith College Fellows

Honrary Langwith College members who work with the College Team and Senior Common Room in order to contribute to the Langwith community:

Lilian Blot Jan Garrill
James Stovold Jemima Busby
Michael Armstrong Cass Brown
Jo Peach Sarah Napoli
Jennifer Plummer Sinead Daly
Ling Ge David Earnshaw
Sam Maguire Kathryn Davies
Rory Dalgiesh Amy White
Alan Richards Jenny Michel
Anne Hutchinson Nicky Baillie