Arrivals Weekend 2019

Arrivals Weekend 2019 - 29 September

Watch this video created by York Student Television to find out what arrivals day 2017 looked like and start to get excited about the next stage in your life!!

‌‌‌As a large number of students are arriving on the same day, your designated arrival date/time is shown below. Student helpers (STYCs) will be on hand to give directions and help out.

Please Note:  Accommodation at Langwith College is not available before your specified arrival date/time. Please do not arrive early as your room will not be available. If you need to arrive before 29 September (27 for international students) please have a look at York Tourist Information for available hotels. 

  • New undergraduates - arrival day is Sunday 29 September.  Please go to the Langwith Centre Building to collect your key card. International undergraduate students can move in from 9am on Friday 27 September.  (Note: International students progressing from a University of York pre-sessional course onto a new undergraduate course should arrive on Sunday 29 September.)  If you arrive after 4pm on 27th please collect your key from The Ron Cooke Hub (open 24 hours).  This date will be shown on your accommodation offer if this applies to you. Please collect your key card from the Langwith Centre Building where the College Team will be available to welcome you and show you to your room. 
  • Returning undergraduates (not first years): arrival day is Saturday 14 September from 9am to 4pm.  Please go to the Ron Cooke Hub Reception to collect your key card. If you wish to return later than this date please avoid arriving on 28 or 29 September.
  • Postgraduate students: arrival day is Monday 23 September from 9am to 4pm.  Your key card will be available at the Ron Cooke Hub Reception. 

Please note that due to the size of the College, arrival times are staggered.  Please do not arrive early.  It is very important that you only arrive between the times stated for your court as parking is limited:

New Undergraduates:

Gordon & Francesca Horsfield Court - Sunday 29 September between 9am and 11am 

Sydney Smith Court - Sunday 29 September between 11am and 1pm

Philip Brockbank Court - Sunday 29 September between 1pm and 3pm 

John West Taylor Court - Sunday 29 September between 3pm and 5pm

Please contact the College Administrator if you have any queries or concerns.

The first day of term is Monday 30 September 2019

Please note that we expect all Langwith residents to have arrived by 5pm on Sunday 29 September.

The College is self-catered and it is recommended that you bring a sufficient amount of essential items to last you for a few days. 

The compulsory Fire Safety Talks for All residents (regardless of having attended in a previous year) are:

To be announced.  


Getting to Langwith

Welcome from the Assistant Head of College

Jonny Exon headshot medium

I'm Jonny, the Assistant Head of College. I manage the day-to-day running of the College; support the wellbeing of College members; and I also organise and support events and activity in the College. It's my full-time job to help make Langwith a fun and respectful community in which you are encouraged to try new activities, develop new skills and most importantly feel at home!

From 27th August I along with other members of the College Team and the LangwithCollege Student Association (LCSA), will be sending you some key bits of information in our weekly newsletter email. We will also be sending you a welcome pack. Please look out for these and make sure you read them, as they include information on everything you need to know in order to make the most of your time as a member of our community as well as important information about arrivals day!

Please note that Freshers’ Week at York starts with 6 days of events in your College run by your student committee, followed by a weekend of events run by the Students’ Union. You’ll get more information when tickets are released, so please don’t buy any tickets for any events now, as these will not be part of the official programme.These emails will start to go to your new University of York email address, so it is important that you check this regularly once you have access to it.

If you are a joining us as a resident student, you will find out your room number on the 6th September, which is when you'll be able to find your new flatmates, your resident tutor, your STYCs (Second and Third Year Contacts) and your STYM (Second and Third Year Mentor).

Pre-arrival newsletters

You can view our pre-arrival newsletters here:

Newsletter 1 - 28th August 2018

Newletters 2 - 3rd September 2018

Newsletter 3 - 10th September 2018

Newsletter 4 - 19th September 2018



What to Bring

What to Bring

Check out what essentials you need to bring with you.

If you wish to coordinate your belongings with your room, the colour schemes are given below.

Philip Brockbank Court A/B:

  • Walls: Pink
  • Pin boards: Purple
  • Curtains: Purple

Sydney Smith Houses B/C, John West Taylor Houses A/C:

  • Walls: Light Yellow
  • Pin boards: Yellow
  • Curtains: Yellow  

G&F Horsfield Block A, Sydney Smith Block A:

  • Walls: Light Blue
  • Pin boards: Blue
  • Curtains: Blue

G&F Horsfield Block B, John West Taylor Block B:

  • Walls: Light Orange
  • Pin boards: Orange
  • Curtains: Orange



STYCs, known as Second and Third Year Contacts, are second and third year students in Langwith that will be assigned to your house/flat during the first week of you arriving in September. As continuing students, they know all the ins-and-outs of student life in Langwith and at the University. They will help you to settle in and get to know the College, your housemates and other students in Langwith. 

Whilst each house has at least two STYCs each during Freshers' Week, International, Disability, and LGBTQ Officers will also be available for all students in the College to approach too. 

"When I arrived in Langwith, the first people I met were my STYCs and Head STYCs and now, two years later, some of them are still my closest friends. I can’t wait to be a Head STYC and provide the same sort of comfort and friendship I received upon my arrival."

- Rachelle Menn, 3rd Year, Head STYC


Head STYCs

Head STYCs are in charge of the blocks on-campus. They organise the STYCs in that block. Whilst your STYCs are often your first point of contact, you can get in touch with them at any time.


John West Taylor Court Block A Head STYCs:

Moya Morrison and Cal Cooke


John West Taylor Court B and C Head STYCs

Bethan Gregory and Michael Gaffney


Philip Brockbank Court Block A Head STYCs:

Alyson Leonard and Emma Lumsdon


Philip Brockbank Court Block B and Sydney Smith Court B Head STYCs:

Steph Harding and Char Hill


Sydney Smith Court Block A Head STYCs:

Alice Weetman, Harry Freeman, and Kieran Fay


G&F Horsfield Court Block A Head STYCs:

Francesca Riley and Georgia Reynolds


G&F Horsfield Court Block B Head STYCs:

Eleanor Bradley, Flo Sutcliffe, Astri Joy




Postgraduate Langwithians


All college events and activities are open to postgraduates as well as undergraduates. The LCSA has a postgraduate sub-committee who cater events specifically targeted to postgraduate students. This past year we have had numerous successful events put on the sub-committee which have generated a high postgraduate turn out. 

Key Dates 

Arrivals Day - 17 September from 9am-4pm. Please collect your key card from the Ron Cooke Hub.  

The Postgraduate timetable is also available here for information on where to go and when. 

To keep up to date with key postgraduate events throughout the University, take a look at the GSA website