Accessibility statement

Freshers FAQs

What is the Arrivals Procedure?

Where do I collect room keys from if I can't arrive between 9am and 4pm on arrivals day?

The Ron Cooke Hub is open 24/7 and keys can be collected from the reception desk here.

What should I bring?

For guidance on what to bring and what not to bring see information for new Undergraduates on the University's webpages

What is my new address?

What size bed linen do I need?

All beds will fit standard single size bedlinen.

The beds are 193cm or 6ft 4 inches long.

Connect to wifi and check emails?

There is wifi in all study bedrooms and the College Nucleus so you can easily check your emails using the wifi connection.  

The College will communicate important messages via email to your University email account.  We therefore suggest that you check your emails daily.

If you need an Ethernet cable (for desktop computers), you can get one from the College Administrator in the Goodricke Nucleus

Print a document?

There are PrintPlus printers across campus.  You can send print jobs to the print queue from anywhere and print out your work at any PrintPlus printer.  

In Goodricke, there is a printer/copier/scanner in the College Nucleus.

For detailed instructions, see PrintPlus for students.

Use the laundry facilities?

The Laundry is situated in the College Nucleus.  It contains washing machines and dryers operated by a card system rather than cash. Find out more information on  how to use the machines.

Residents will need to purchase a card from the dispenser located within the Laundry.  The cost of this card is £5 and comes with £3.50 credit.  Credit can be added to the cards by visiting  You will receive a top-up code which can then be activated by taking your card to the top-up machine in the Laundry.

Mylaundryview is an online system which can check any connected laundry rooms on campus.  Use this to view:

  • the availability of washing/drying machines before you leave your study bedroom.
  • the status of your washing and the time remaining.